Should You Jump On The Brazilian Wax Bandwagon?


Sex is often referred to as “bumping uglies.” A brazilian wax is a daring way to remove pubic hair, but is everyone bald these days? I prefer to keep some “hair down there” – carefully groomed, of course. However, I’ve been getting a shocked reaction from guys when they learn I haven’t “visited Brazil.” I don’t want to be shamed into waxing everything off – it’s not my sex style!

What She Said

I haven’t taken a poll, but it’s safe to say you’re not alone in preferring to hang onto your body’s natural inclination to grow hair for your pubic region. It’s funny but true – we are all susceptible to trends, even when it comes to pubic hair. There’s nothing wrong with going against the tide, especially if it’s truly your preference for sex and personal comfort!

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Stick To Your (Pubic Hair) Guns

I’m not sure where you’re hanging out that the shaping of pubic hair is a topic of discussion. No judgment, I’m just curious! That said; don’t let anyone shame you into anything – regardless of what that thing may be. A guy who is ready for sex and into you will most likely appreciate what you’ve chosen to do with your vagina. If not, show him the door and wait for someone who appreciates you exactly as you are!

What He Said

No one likes hairballs, so if you like having your man perform oral sex on you, some sort of trimming is in order. I disagree with my counterpart. I don’t think anyone likes a girl with 70’s bush. It shouldn’t look like you’re rocking the Jew-Fro down there. It shouldn’t be an untamed wilderness. If your next door neighbor didn’t mow their lawn regularly, would you let it slide? Not so much. Landscaping is in order.

Alternatives To Going Completely Bald

I personally advocate a full Brazilian, but if you’re not okay with that, there’s nothing wrong with rocking a landing strip or some unique design (I’ve seen hearts, stars, and an arrow pointing to the ‘promised land’ or ‘mecca’ as I like to call it).

If you’re all about penetration (anal sex or vaginal), and not about receiving oral sex, then it’s a non issue, but if he’s going to go down there, he should have a certain degree of say because everyone does a better job if you enjoy the view.

Try Dating Guys Who Enjoy A Nice Bush

But there’s a larger issue here. Why are we even talking about this? Are you insecure about your baby maker? If you’ve been dating guys who are into the Brazilian landscape, it might be time to change your approach. Most guys I know don’t like the idea of a woman having hair ANYWHERE except on her head. A quick internet search, however, will let you know there are a plethora of men out there who are into dating women who have hair ‘down there’ and it might be worth your while to see if there’s a dating site out there who can put you in touch with these guys.

Then again, you might want to show your vajajay to some female or gay friends to get feedback. Maybe there’s a way to trim the hedge to make both you and your man happy with it during sex.

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