The Best Sex Tips You’ve Never Heard Of


Sex tips are often things you see over and over again – the same ones, literally beat into your brain. But here are some incredible sex tips that are brand new!

Everyone could always use a really great sex tip, regardless of your skill level. From passionless missionary sex to oral sex that is more paint by numbers that porn star wild, you may need a few tricks of the trade to spice things up. Or maybe things are hot and you want to make them even hotter.

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There are so many sex tips out there when it comes to pleasing your man, but what about you? Below, I offer some sex tips specifically for women to use on themselves.

Sex is a mental thing for women, we have to shut out the outside world and ignore our to-do list. You have to silence your inner critic and all those voices in your head. One way to help silence them is to prep your mind for sex. Think sexy thoughts throughout the day. Why not wear sexy lingerie under your normal work clothes. No one has to know what you are wearing under there and that makes it all the more sexy! Another tip is to watch a sexy movie or read some erotica before you get busy with your man. There is such a wide array of porn that is catered to women that you are bound to find something that helps light your fire.

Now that you have spent some extra time getting yourself into the mood, the next step is to get it on. My next tip and one of my favorites, is to TAKE CONTROL! Make the first move or show him what you like. In order for him to please you he needs to know what you like. So many women just go through the motions of sex without speaking up or showing their lover what they like. So get on top of him and use him as your own personal sex toy.

While you are on top, lean forward so your clitoris gets all the delicious contact it needs. While on top you can also control the pace and depth. Make it a game, tell him he can’t come until you have. A woman who can own her sexuality and isn’t afraid to ask for what she wants in bed is the sexiest sex tip of all!

What He Said:

The best sex tip I can offer is to look good naked. Working out is great. It boosts your libido, your mood and when you look great naked, you want to be naked more often. It also can help you attract the hottest lovers of your life!

Any kind of exercise will do, at the end of the day it’s what works for you. Yoga is great, because it’s basically porn already. Don’t believe me? Go to a yoga class. There are strippers and porn stars who wear more clothing. And you’ll get all hot and sweaty with sexy people bending over, twisting like pretzels, it’s hot.

You have to own it too. Sex starts and ends in the mind. If it’s not there to begin with, it won’t happen in your naughty bits. Meditation is good, but also just stand naked in front of your mirror butt ass naked and really get comfortable in your skin. You are hot to someone and someone will want to have hot steamy intercourse, oral sex, anal sex, or whatever the hell else you’re into but first you have to feel good about you. That’s first.

Assuming you’ve got that taken care of, let’s get down to the brass tacks. Make your fantasies a reality. You may need to get creative. If you’ve always fantasized about a three way and you’re in a monogamous relationship, try getting a vibrator and using it in your backdoor while you have intercourse with your husband. If you want to be with a girl and you’re afraid or not ready (and you’re a woman) go to a strip club. Get a lap dance. If you’ve always wanted to be in control, buy handcuffs and handcuff your man to the bed. If you want to be dominant, be dominant. If you want to be submissive, be submissive.

I’m a big believe that the greatest sex tip is to find a way to have the vacation sex you love in your every day life. You may have to schedule it. Like married people with kids schedule sex or old people schedule their last glass of Ovaltine before the big Matlock Marathon. Just be consistent and be patient.

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