Things Never To Do In The Bedroom


Sex tips aren’t always about what to do during sex, but also what NOT to do. Here’s what you need to steer clear of, or else!

Everyone talks so much about what to do in the bedroom, but what about what not to do? What are the deal breakers you need to know about?

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When it comes to sex, anything goes and every person brings their own fetishes, fantasies and turn-ons into the bedroom (or closet, back seat of car, laundry room, couch etc.) If two consenting adults are ready and willing there is nothing that should ever be considered taboo.

The only thing that should never ever be done is faked enjoyment, desire or passion This goes for men and women. You can tell when your partner is faking it and not just an orgasm but faking the desire. Maybe he/she gets a little too into the sex, like over the top moans or facial expressions.

You can clearly tell they are trying too hard and that is a huge turn off! When you feel or see your partner check out or see that they are not even showing signs of excitement, its hard to have fun yourself. There is nothing wrong with not being in the mood and you can fake-it-till-you-make-it, but sometimes if you know for sure you are not going to get pleasure,how can you completely give it?

What He Said:

You should never surprise anyone in the bedroom. You can’t just think “Hmm….I bet she’d really like me to have anal sex with her right now” and then haul off and do it. Not only do you need lots of lube, that’s just not something you can try and find out the hard way if your partner is into that.

You shouldn’t be discussing much in the bedroom, either. Now is not the time to have long, drawn out in depth conversations about what you’re into or not into. Actually, you shouldn’t be talking about much of anything. The conversation should consist of things like “yes! Yes! Yes!” or “harder/faster” or “do this or that.” And of course dirty talk is always okay.

But you shouldn’t be talking about much else, because if you are, then you’re thinking, and if you’re thinking, you’re not feeling. The more in your head you are, the less in your body you are and that means less getting naughty.

Don’t do anything you see in porn either. Yes, I know, it looks hot. Sometimes it is hot. But they are highly trained professionals in peak physical condition and it’s still a lot for them to pull some of that stuff off. You are not a trained professional. Don’t try and be one.

And don’t for the sake of all that is good and holy, ever tape yourself having sex. I don’t care how hot you are. If I have learned nothing else from my friend in the porn industry, I have learned this: leave the fucking on film to the professionals. Even if you’re a professional model having sex with one or more other professional models, you won’t look anywhere near as good as they do screwing on film.

Why? They know their best angles. They have the right lighting that makes their bodies look amazing. They have Photoshop to take out any blemish, stretch mark, or anything else they don’t want you to see. They also know all the best angles and they will only show you those. They cut out the stuff that isn’t hot, or that makes them look like mere mortals copulating on film. They have an entire production team surrounding them to make them look amazing at all times.

You have none of this. You will not look as good as they do doing it, and you’ll probably beat yourself up about it. Not to mention that they have a job that consists of them having oral sex, intercourse and a host of other sex acts on tape for the world to see. You work in accounting and your wife is a middle school teacher. If that ever gets out, and there’s always a chance that it will, will you be able to keep your job or spot on the city council? No, not so much. If you’re into swinging, cool. If you’re sex prowess is legendary, great! But don’t ever, ever, put it on film.

And for God’s sake make sure your smart phones are in the other room. If you take naughty photos on your phone and your phone gets stolen, the first thing that’s going to happen is that who ever steals it is going to post your nude photos up on your facebook account (which, conveniently is already installed on your phone if you’re like most. And your phone always has internet access so hackers can get your photos off your phone even if you don’t lose it.

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