Unhappy Couples Make These Sex Mistakes – Do You?


Sex mistakes are something that happens in almost every relationship, especially if two people have been together for any real length of time. Some of them aren’t going to be that bad and may give you or your partner a laugh or two, but we’re not talking about passing gas on accident during sex. There are a few problems that guys and gals have that can cause distress in the relationship – or end it completely. Do you make sex mistakes that could end it all?

Waiting To Get In The Right Mood

This is one of the worst mistakes that you can make! Many people in relationships wait to get in the right mood before having sex. While waiting for the mood to strike will definitely make for an incredibly hot evening, the chances of that actually happening are few and far between. For many people, day to day life often gets in the way of sexual intimacy and it’s difficult to actually get in the mood after a long day of work, making dinner and taking care of the kids. Instead of waiting for the mood to hit you, try setting a date for sex and do it whether you feel like it or not. Chances are, once you shut the rest of the world out and focus on you and your partner getting it on, you’ll find that you’re much more into it than you were when you started.

Foregoing Trying Something New

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If you are stuck in a “comfort zone,” you’re certainly not alone. Like chicken soup when you’re sick, the boring old, we’re-doing-it-just-to-be-doing-it sex is comforting – but unlike chicken soup does, this very rarely ever hits the spot. Break out of your rut by trying a few new things instead of simply sticking to what you know. Try some new sex positions, or incorporate a new sex toy into the mix. You can play sexy dress up or even try taking dirty to each other. Use your creativity! No matter what you do, don’t get stuck doing the same thing over and over in the bedroom. It’s time to mix it up!

Thinking Sex Education Is For Beginners

People who have been doing it for awhile seem to believe that reading up on sex or how to give their partner an incredible orgasm is for beginners. They assume that since they’ve been doing it for years that they know all there is to know about it! Instead of thinking that you already know how to push your partner’s pleasure buttons, try reading a little bit on how to go down on your partner and get them begging for more. Or, you can always try communicating with them by asking them what feels good, what they like and what they don’t like. Don’t worry – an old dog can learn new tricks!

Thinking Sex Is A Means To An End

After being with someone for awhile, you stop relishing every moment you’re naked with your partner. You’ve seen her butt and her breasts a thousand times and she’s seen your package up close and personal more times than either of you would like to count, and not because you were doing it at the time. Men and women that live together or spend a lot of time together see each other naked a lot and often in very compromising situations. This usually leads people to feel less like taking their time with foreplay and more like doing it just to get an orgasm. Take some time out to cherish your partner’s body and enjoy it like you did before you saw it on the toilet or plucking stray hairs in weird places.

Withholding Sex

Women are notorious for withholding sex from their lovers when they’re angry. Chances are, the guy doesn’t even know why she doesn’t want to do it – or what he did wrong in the first place. Save the withholding for when you really have a headache or aren’t feeling good. Withholding to punish your guy won’t do a darn thing besides keep you from getting an amazing climax. Instead, tell your man what you’re upset about or why you’re angry and talk it out instead of being passive aggressive. You may just find that after talking to your partner and hearing an apology or his side of the story may make you less angry – and everyone knows that some of the best sex on earth is after a huge fight!

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