What Makes A Great Lover?


Do sex tips make a man good in bed? Or are some men naturally great, while others have to study sex tips constantly? What is it that makes a guy incredible?

Everybody wants to be like him, but who exactly is he? How does he THINK & MOVE?

What A Great Lover Is

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Unfortunately, Great Lovers (GL’s) do not wear nametags. This is for personal protection against droves of women who wish to camp on their beds. One can’t spot GL’s by eye inspection, and you may have been in the presence of one in the past, but never knew about it. Don’t be deceived with what you see. Don’t look for great bods and gorgeous pecs, for GL’s are rarely these.

In fact, let go of all your physical biases. GL’s can be short, fat, trimmed or thin. Physical attributes have little bearing on this regard.

It’s their sexual programming that makes them gold. They are Great Lovers because of how they THINK, not because of how they look. Thoughts – the software of actions. We are moved by our thoughts, we move according to our thoughts.

How They Think & Move Differently Than Other Guys

How do they move? Great Lovers are never in a hurry, they are living for the MOMENT. The past is gone, the future is none, the PRESENT is all there is.

He’s the gentlest of all. There’s silent confidence blanketing the man with no performance anxieties, no pressure to blow the mind of any woman and make her scream to the high heavens. He’s in no mission to impress anybody, which is a major turn-on by the way. He’s confident, but not arrogant. He doesn’t assume knowledge of everything, but is eager to learn.

Others assert authority, power and domination, GL’s simply assume these.

Are they push-overs? Certainly not. They simply GET IT.

They Understand The Psychology Behind Sex

While most men go for the raw hump, GL’s realize that emotions are the most powerful tools in their arsenal. It doesn’t matter if it’s in the context of an intimate relationship or a one-night stand, when a girl is on his bed, she bathes in EMOTIONS. GL’s make women F-E-E-L.

Technique-wise, GL’s are known for their legendary TRANSITIONS from the SENSUAL to the SEXUAL. They’re so smooth, women can’t draw the line between foreplay, play and afterplay. Everything flows and they don’t strain towards making things happen. A GL transitions a girl into every gut wrenching position, without her realizing it. They don’t flip and pounce.

The sex lasts longer, not because he’s able to delay ejaculation, but because he knows other stuff besides thrust and hip movements.

Now, compare that to the workings of a gorgeous yet crude boy. If you’re a woman, who would you lay? Are you still wondering why GL’s won’t have to whine for sex? They rarely have one-night stands because their woman responds in hand and gives him no reason to go elsewhere.

Are they perfect lovers? Of course not! What makes them so great is their ability to positively differentiate themselves from 95% of guys who make love the exact same way.

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