What She REALLY Hates In Bed


Sex tips usually involve techniques she loves. Here is what real men and women are saying she HATES in bed. Learn now for better sex tonight!

What She Said:

Every Woman is Different

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Some like sex fast slow, hard, less hard etc. It’s impossible for a man to instant know EVERYTHING that a woman likes in bed even if you are getting sex tips all the time. But if he pays attention to her while in the act he can pick up on what’s working at what is not. One thing that a lot of women hate in bed is “Everything that you “once saw in a porno.’

Porn sex is not like real sex. Just because Misty McBigbush likes you to pull her hair while you slam into her doggie style, does not mean the girl from accounting is going to like that. Porn is super over the top in the sex movements and the sizes of woman’s throats.

That being said, if she wants to take your penis and put it in her mouth, you don’t have to grab her by the head and thrust it down her throat. That might make her mad and you are in no position to have her bite you.

A clue to see if she likes what you are doing is to watch her body. If she likes what your tongue is doing between her legs, she will make noises to let you know and most likely buck her hips towards you.

If she doesn’t like it, she will squirm away. Her voice is also key to whether or not you are hitting her sweet spot. Moaning and heavy breathing is a huge thumbs up, and if you hear a “yes” your golden.

She also hates sleeping in the wet spot. WE are adults we know if happens but please have the decency to lay down a towel and sleep on it yourself.

What He Said:

Don’t Rely On Porno Moves!

The truth is the biggest lie porn has ever told is perpetuating the myth of the female orgasm. We all know it’s not the role of women in sex to enjoy it. You’re just supposed to lay there and pretend it’s not happening, because either

A) We’re going to buy you stuff to get you to lay there

B) We already have. So seriously, just lay there and go to your happy place. Is that so hard?

It’s actually quite simple. Women will never tell you sex tips verbally, but they can’t help telling you physically. If she makes a face that looks like she’s constipated and stepping in dog crap simultaneously, you should probably not do that ever again, and work quickly to recover.

You may crash and burn several times, but be willing to fail. If she really likes you, you’ll get another chance and as long as you show improvement or a willingness to improve, you’ll get another crack at it and by “it” I mean, well, you can figure it out.

She may not tell you what she’s into, but just figuring out from body language what she doesn’t like is a huge help. Once you cross that off the list, then you can move on to what she is into.

Even if she’s the type to tell you straight out that you’re hitting the spot, if you’re doing it right, she will probably be too in the moment and wrapped up in pleasure to really communicate. If you’re doing it right, it should seem like your having sex with a person currently consumed by demonic possession.

Nice girls will suddenly shout out curse words or dig their nails into your back. Atheists will start talking to God, but not actually say anything to God, only repeating God’s name over and over and over and over. It may freak you out, but just go with it.

Even if she’s not talking, she will often guide you. If you’re performing oral sex on her, and she holds your head in place so you can’t come up for air, this is a good thing, if she lets you up to fuck her, well, maybe not so much, but you probably already know what she’s into on a gut level, you just have to tune into it a bit more. But it’s worth the practice.

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