6 New Places In Your House To Get It On


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Having sex in your house can easily get monotonous when you are married or have been together for a while. The bedroom can seem like a hamster wheel of the same old same old. Your sex life doesn’t have to be like this. You can easily mix things up by utilizing the other rooms in your home.

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Some couples find that they have better sex in other rooms than they do in their bed. The other rooms in your house can also be a great source for different positions and better sex. Here are some new places in your house to get it on.

1. The Bathroom

The bathroom is one of the best alternatives in your home to have sex in. There are a lot of different possibilities in your bathroom. The most common use of the bathroom is having sex in the shower or bathtub. These are great because there is no mess to clean up. A lot of couples start out with a massage in the bathtub. This can be great foreplay for sex. If you are going to have sex in the shower, you should invest in some silicone based lubricant.

The shower can wash away the natural lube on the woman and this is a great way to keep both of you comfortable. The bathroom sink is another great place to have sex. Put your girlfriend or wife on the bathroom sink and enter her. The angle that you penis goes in will naturally massage her g-spot.

2. The Living Room

While the living room might not be the best place all the time, it can prove to be an excellent alternative to your bedroom. The living has some great pieces of furniture for different positions. The couch can allow the girl to get on top or get into doggy style fairly easily. The couch does not allow as much movement as a bed, but there are other significant advantages.

The couch is a great for the spoon position. You will have a backrest that you can brace yourself up against. This is also great for standard missionary style with the guy standing and the girl lying down. Make the guy get on his knees and give you oral sex without him having to lay down himself.

3. The Guest Bedroom

While you might find it eerily similar to having sex in your own bedroom, the guest bedroom can be another great alternative. Guest bedrooms are not as familiar as your very own bedroom. They often resemble hotel rooms, which can be extremely kinky. The next time that you want to have sex, drag your partner into the guest bedroom. This change of scenery can definitely lead to some very kinky experiences.

4. The Kitchen

The kitchen is one of the most frequently used rooms in the home. This is where meals are prepared, eaten and then cleaned up. If your kids aren’t around or if you don’t have kids, the kitchen can also be utilized for some hot and heavy action. Put your wife or girlfriend up on the kitchen counter and give her oral sex.

Lick and suck on her inner thigh while she braces herself against the cabinets. Push her up against the countertop and have sex doggy style. Just make sure that you are wiping down every part that your body touches. The last thing that you want is sex juice on your food or countertop.

5. The Dining Room

There will definitely have to be some cleaning after this one, but the dining room can be a lot of fun too. Some houses don’t have a dining room, however, if your home does, don’t miss out on this. Dining rooms tend to have very formal themes. The formality of your dining room can be the aphrodisiac that you’re looking for to put some spice in your relationship.

If your dining room table will hold you, engage in some missionary or girl on top. If the table will not hold the both of you, try doggy style oral sex while your partner is sitting or lying down.

6. The Basement

Need a little kink in your sex life? Go down to the dank, dark basement for some fun middle school style. Remember when you were in middle school or high school and you played spin the bottle or 7 minutes in heaven? Use the basement for the adult version. Depending on your basement’s furniture, there are endless possibilities to what you can do.

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