Sex – What Guys REALLY Want (And What They’re Afraid To Tell You)


When it comes to sex, every guy has their preferences. However, there are some things that pretty much every guy wants a woman to do. The thing is, there are so few guys that actually want to tell their lovers what they want! Ladies, while reading his mind is pretty much impossible, take these cues to find out what your guy likes – and then surprise him with his secret sex fantasy!

They Want A Girl Who Will Masturbate (In Front Of Him)

Some women feel that it’s the guys’ job to make her feel good. Most guys don’t have any problem providing their partner with a mind blowing orgasm, however, sometimes they wish that a girl would take charge of her own sexual pleasure. Ladies, it requires at least a little effort on your part to get yourself in the mood, so why not take it a little further?

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A lot of guys (okay, most) would love to watch their girl masturbate, especially if she had no idea he was there watching. What is so hot about this is that during female masturbation, he gets to watch you touch yourself exactly how you like to be touched. There’s no guessing if it’s the right thing or it feels good. He gets to see first hand what really turns you on and it will turn him on like wild fire!

They Want To Watch – In The Mirror

Guys are visual creatures – that’s pretty much a given. A lot of men enjoy watching porn for that specific reason, but does that mean that they enjoy watching the other women because they’re hotter than you or because they turn him on more than you? Absolutely not! In fact, your guy would probably give his eye teeth to actually watch you and him getting it on!

Filming a naughty video together is great fun, but there’s always the risk that it will get out, especially if you and your man don’t work out in the end. Instead, surprise him by installing a full length mirror in your bedroom – the bigger, the better. Allow him to watch you getting it on – he’ll love getting to watch it in real time, as it’s happening and he’ll love getting to feel exactly what he’s seeing. Try lots of different sex positions so he can see you from every angle.

They Want A Girl Who Is Not Afraid To Get Dirty

Let’s face it – guys don’t want to get it on with a prude. If all you’re into is the missionary position, he’s probably not going to be that into you. Almost every guy wants to get busy with a girl who isn’t afraid to bring on the kink! Try out a little light bondage to get started, and then move into something a little naughtier.

Whether you’re indulging his secret sex fetish or coming to bed wearing nothing but tall, black stilettos and a rhinestone necklace, he’s going to love that you’re showing off your naughty girl side.

They Want A Girl To Take Control

Sometimes guys want to have the reigns, but other times they want the girls to be in control over what happens and when. They just want to lie back and relax, while you savor every inch of their body. Surprise him one night by tying him up (this is optional if he’s not into bondage) and having your way with him! Let him lie there and get a good look at you while you give him oral sex, then go for the woman-on-top or reverse cowgirl sex position, depending on what he likes to look at best – your breasts or your butt.

They Want A Girl Who Will Give A Blowjob – And Likes It

Sure, most girls will give a guy a blowjob. Some won’t. The true gem, however, is the girl who loves giving a guy a blowjob! Blowjobs are probably in the #1 spot on the list of “Sex Acts That Guys Can’t Live Without.” Think about this – how enjoyable is it when a guy goes down on you like it’s a chore and like he really doesn’t want to be down there? It kind of puts a damper on the whole thing, doesn’t it?

Give your guy a blowjob like you never have before. Act like you’re starving to death or it will be the end of the world if you don’t get him in your mouth right now. Make sure that he knows you’re really enjoying going down on him by making pleasure noises while you lick and suck him, and making eye contact with him. He’ll really appreciate your enthusiasm and he just very well might return the favor!

They Want Rough Sex

Every guy wants to pound a girl into orgasmic frenzy, but very few men will actually tell their partners that. This is usually because he’s afraid to hurt her.  If you enjoy rough sex, don’t be shy about it with your lover. Next time you have sex with your man, assume the doggy style position and tell him that you want it fast and you want it hard. He’ll happily oblige!

Sometimes rough sex can become unsafe, so it’s important to take a few precautions first. Decide beforehand on a safe word so that if it becomes too much, you can use the word to let your partner know that you want it to stop immediately. Don’t forget to use lots of lube!

They Want A Girl Who Has Confidence

Confidence is sexy! Unfortunately, lots of women – no matter how hot or how beautiful they are – are insecure about themselves and the way they look and have low self esteem. However, what your guy sees when he looks at you (especially when he looks at you naked) is not the same as what you see in the mirror. Let go of your insecurities and inhibitions and look at yourself the way your partner looks at you. See what he sees and show it off! Men love women who have the confidence to show their bodies off during sex, because men love naked women – period.

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