Why Sex Gets Better Over Time


Sex is something you’ll be doing for the rest of your life. It really is.

Maybe not as much when brittle bones and cardiac complications set in, but it will always be an element of your existence. Whether it’s vicarious sex or a simple interlocking of hands with your wife of 50 years, sex takes a whole lifetime to appreciate.

The Good News – Sex Gets Better With Age

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Like wine, huh?

You get good at it the more you do it. You’ll soon master its in’s & outs and will be able to calibrate your woman down to the most minuscule detail. Similarly, she’ll also master you, discovering how you want booty served. As you two get to know each other, sex will spiral up.

Really?! Then why do people tend to spiral the other way?

For many couples, this is what happens: Sex was good, no, it was GREAT! They made love like the gods. They were Energizer bunnies who just won’t stop. They thought the passion would last forever… but nobody’s falling for that now.

That was yesterday, viewed through rose-colored glasses. Today, sex (with that same old hag) has become boring – almost a drudgery. All they have are memories of what has been…and they are just 27 years old!

What’s up with that? If sex is supposed to get better over time, then why end up in a rut where it has become soulless, dead, ho-hum and unexciting?

It’s Only Up To A Point

Beyond an optimum point, things start going downhill. The body cannot realistically maintain levels of brain chemistry that cause passion to wax hot. The Law of Averages dictates that over time, all things come back and plateau on the average. Passion has to simmer down when the novelty of sex ceases. If it’s all the same – same partner, same set of breasts, same sexual positions, same moans – sex will definitely get old.

Chances are, a day will come when you’d rather sleep than make-love to that fat ogre beside you. There’s no set time, but it’ll definitely happen. You’ll feel it, she’ll feel it, you two will definitely feel it. When you hear things like, “I’m just not as horny as I used to be,” you’re getting there.

But that’s okay. Things getting old is fine, that’s life. Nothing is wrong with the idea of sex losing its charm, it’s your response to this new sexual dynamic that needs tweaking.

New Challenges Await You

Recognize that when this “up to a point” comes, it only means A NEW STAGE IN YOUR SEXUAL RELATIONSHIP HAS BEEN ACHIEVED. This brings with it a new set of challenges and it’s important that you appropriately respond to them. It doesn’t mean your run is over, you don’t need to swear off sex altogether.

Whereas the challenge in the past was getting home in the least amount of time, your new challenge could be finding new and exciting ideas to bring into bed.

And that takes work, a lot of work. Not manual labor, but brain power. You need to don your creative hat for this. And for many people, the very idea of honing creativity for sexual purposes is just too much, they’d rather find someone else new. But in committed, long-term relationships, it’s not that simple – or wise.

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