How To Get Him To Reign In His Pubic Hair


Shaving for a guy can often be an afterthought, but if you’re giving him head, he needs to keep his pubic hair under control. Here’s how to get him to do it.

While being clean is the first step to preparing for a great blowjob, you don’t want to completely overlook pubic hair. Wild, unkempt pubic hair can ruin fabulous oral sex, so make sure you and your partner agree on what kind of down there grooming he needs to do.

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While you don’t want to have a conversation about how much he stinks and needs to take a shower because this can put a big nick in his self esteem, the same is not true of the pubic hair conversation. It is perfectly appropriate to discuss how pubic hair affects you when you’re giving him head and your opinions on how he can handle his bush.

Talking To Him About It

Don’t broach the subject right before sex. Even though it’s fine to talk about what to do with his pubes, it’s still not a conversation you want to be having right before you’re about to get it on. So talk about it after sex, or while you’re having breakfast the next morning. Choose a benign time to bring it up and don’t be critical about it. Simply tell him that it would make giving oral sex easier for you if he had more control over the growth of his pubic hair.

Remember though, you’re only offering opinions on what he could do with it that would make giving him a blowjob better for you. You are not the decision maker, nor can you force him to shave or wax if he’d prefer to go au natural. The end decision is his, but you certainly have the right to weigh in, considering it’s your face down there, not his.


Trimming is probably one of the most popular male pubic hair grooming options. Trimming is easy and fast, and makes a guy feel less vulnerable than shaving or waxing does. To be honest, most men trim. All he needs to do is take a beard trimmer (works better than a hair trimmer because it is smaller and can more accurately trim angled areas) and use an attachment that will trim the hair at the length he wants. If he likes a lot of hair, you can compromise by using a longer trimming attachment that still keeps his mane under control without making him feel like he’s getting ready to slide into a Speedo.

If you would like his penis completely bald but he says there’s no way he’s going there, compromise with a close trim. A close trim is actually a favorite among couples, because it’s virtually impossible for a woman to get a pube stuck in her teeth during oral sex if he’s trimmed almost down to the skin, and men like it because the closer the trim, the larger his penis looks. If you have trouble convincing him to groom, let him know that it’s a proven fact that a penis looks smaller when it’s drowning in pubic hair.

If he gets his bush under control, he could easily add 2” to his visible penis length. This is usually all it takes to sell a guy on keeping his pubic hair trimmed. While many men are going to prefer trimming themselves, there are going to be a few hard to reach places. Offer to trim for him, but don’t be surprised if he turns you down.


Shaving is another option, one that many guys couple with trimming, depending on how they like their pubic hair to look. Shaving is totally up to him – because many guys don’t like it. Shaving can cause wicked shaving bumps (sound familiar?) and it can be super uncomfortable when it grows back. And no, men won’t consider what they prefer on a woman during cunnilingus when they’re taking their own pubic hair status into account. He’ll never sympathize with you on shaving bumps, razor burn and itchy regrowth. He’ll still want you to shave.

If your man does shave, it’s unlikely that he’ll shave it all off, although some guys do prefer to do that and like the completely bald look. Or, he may shave everywhere except for a patch of hair in the front, like a woman’s “landing strip.” Either way, shaving is a lot of upkeep for a guy and doesn’t make that much of an impact on giving head, unless you want to lick and suck him from top to bottom and plan putting everything from his cut lines to his anus in your mouth. Then, you might want him to shave. But it’s still his call.


Almost no guy will wax his pubic hair. Guys aren’t usually into taking pain for the sake of perceived beauty the way women are. Women are raised to believe that if it makes you look better, it doesn’t matter if it hurts. Not so with guys – they’d rather look like Chewbacca than pull all their pubes out by the root in one fell swoop.

So don’t suggest waxing to your guy – just don’t. He’ll probably look at you like you’re nuts or think you get off on causing guys immeasurable pain. However, if you are with one of the few guys who do prefer waxing as their means of pubic hair grooming, good for you. Be thankful he cares that much.

Once your man has completed his grooming ritual, do not forget to let him know how much his newly manscaped genitals turn you on. Lavish them with lots of attention, and don’t skimp on the praise. And of course, make sure you’re groomed too when he goes to return the favor. If you want him to trim or shave, you’d better not look like you stepped out of a time machine from the 70’s when he takes your pants off.

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