Shaving – It’s Not Just For Pretty Boys


Shaving can be a hassle – but you don’t want a forest growing down there when your girl goes to give you a blowjob. Here’s the easy way to manscape.

Body hair is a sensitive topic among men -it’s sort of like cellulite is for women – but the fact of the matter is, no matter how much your wife claims to love your back hair, she would like it better if it wasn’t there. Yes, body hair shows you’re a man, but if when you two get done having sex, and she has almost as much of your body hair stuck on her, as you have on your body, it’s time to consider some manscaping. I’m not suggesting you wax yourself to the brink of looking like a bad impression of a David Beckham Armani Underwear ad, I’m just suggesting a little basic grooming.

Get Clean First!

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The first step seems quite obvious, but it bears repeating – wash yourself. I know you’ve seen a bunch of movies about horny teenage boys where they say that women love a man’s sweat. Well, they don’t mean dry sweat. If you sweat at all during the day, you must wash, as bacteria and body odor stick to dry sweat. That smell does not please women. You can even take it a step further. Look at her products.

I’m sure she has some kind of body scrub. If you exfoliate, which means rub the grainy stuff all over your body, two to three times a week, it will get rid of the top layer of dead skin and even make course body hair a bit finer. That means dude grime won’t build up on your skin as quickly, and you will be softer to the touch. I know you think it sounds a little gay, but if your skin is soft, she will want to rub all over you.

Trimming Your Nose Hair? You Bet!

Now to deal with the excessive body hair. Men seem to be unable to notice when the nose hair sticks out below their nostrils, or fuzz grows out of their ears. In which case, just to be safe, put yourself on a regimen of running nose hair cutters through those areas once a week. That way you can be certain you don’t see hair because it’s not there.

The Pubes Have Got To Go!

Onto your pubic hair. You should follow the military rule of keeping it high and tight. If you have a big, thick bush filled with sweat and dead skin cells that should have been exfoliated, it is not going to make her want to put her face down there and give you oral sex. Again, you don’t have to shave it bald, just give it a courtesy trim now and then. The less hair you have down there, the less bacteria and dead skin you’ll trap – and the less it will smell.

There you have it, you don’t need any fancy procedures although the cost of laser hair removal does become more affordable every day – you just need to practice some basic hygiene. It’s just plain respectful to your woman, and you will be rewarded with more sex.


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