The 5 Biggest Mistakes Men Make In Bed – Are You Guilty?


It’s no secret that men often make mistakes in bed. Men’s bedroom blunders are the talk of many a girl’s night cocktail hour, office gossip and one on one girlfriend phone calls. You can’t stop gals from talking about your bedroom mistakes, but you CAN stop making mistakes in the bedroom! Here’s the 5 biggest mistakes that men make in bed – avoid them at all costs!

Dear Dan and Jennifer,

I’ve had sex with a few guys, but they all seem to be doing something wrong in the bedroom and I can’t put my finger on it! Is this a common thing? Do a lot of guys make mistakes in bed and if so, exactly what mistakes are they making?

–Judy, LA


When A Man Isn’t Dominant In Bed

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Women are drawn to confident men both emotionally and sexually. In bed, one of the biggest mistakes a man can make is expecting the woman to lead and make all the moves. Sometimes women want to be dominant, but more often, women want a man who knows what he wants and isn’t afraid to let a woman know. Don’t be shy about taking the lead in bed – if you want her to go down on you, let her know! If you want to make love to her, just go for it! No girl wants a jerk, but every girl is drawn to a man that is enough of an alpha male that he can take control and she can simply surrender.

When A Man Is Emotionally Distant

You might not think your emotions are involved in the bedroom, but they definitely are, whether you’re with a long time partner or in a new relationship. If you stand behind an emotional wall outside of the bedroom, you’re going to stand behind one inside the bedroom too. Not letting your partner get emotionally close to you during sex really puts her off – you seem indifferent to her, as though you could sleep with her or not and that it doesn’t matter. A woman doesn’t want to think you’re indifferent about sex! Let her in emotionally, let her know that you want her and she will want you right back.

When Men Become Boring And Predictable

Most men get excited when they find a sex technique that a girl likes. They get so excited that they want to repeat that technique over and over, because if it worked the first time, why wouldn’t it work the next twenty times? Girls don’t want a man to become predictable – they want him to be passionate and interested in finding new things that please them. So try new positions, try using sex toys and try lots of different things so you can find several things that she likes and always keep her guessing at what is going to happen next.

When A Man Is Technique Obsessed

Many men are interested in learning lots of techniques that make them better lovers – and kudos to them for taking the initiative to learn more about what a woman wants! But some men become obsessed with technique, to the point of leaving out the emotions and spontaneity of great sex. Don’t let your brain get overwhelmed with techniques – even if something doesn’t work exactly like the book says, go with the flow and focus more on having a great time and giving your partner pleasure.

When Men Pretend To Know Everything

Some men have all the techniques down pat, and others just pretend that they do. The only problem with that is that women can see right through it! Don’t worry about looking like you know exactly what you’re doing. Worry more about learning about how to do things right and being yourself in the process!

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