The Incredible, Brand-New Sex Move You Have To Try – Tonight!


Sex tips can help improve your bedroom routine, but many of them are still “run of the mill” stuff that gets boring after awhile. Even new things can seem old after some time, if you’ve been doing them regularly during sex. However, there are SOME sex tips are so hot they can only be used every now & then. These are the things you want to save for those nights where you really want to get crazy. They are the sex tips that are so awesome, you don’t want to use them every night for fear of burning them out. Do THIS brand new move – it’s so scorching you’ll only want to bring it out when you’re feeling SUPER sexy!

What It Is

When having sex with your partner, assume the “girl on top” sex position. This really is the best sex position for this maneuver. As you are riding your partner and things are getting really intense (you should have had plenty of foreplay before this so you both are super turned on), have him reach around one of your legs and tickle your clitoris and vaginal entrance.

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As you both get more into it, have him work his fingers inside your vagina, while he is still thrusting his penis into you. This may take a few tries, and make sure you are either so turned on you’re dripping wet or you’re using plenty of lube – or it can get uncomfortable.

Have him move his fingers around in your vagina and finger you as you have sex. He can even stroke his own penis this way!

Remember, spending a good amount of time engaging in foreplay before doing this will make it MUCH better. In fact, this move can be pretty lackluster if you and your partner aren’t so turned on you’re about to explode.

Why It’s Awesome

There are many reasons that this particular sex move is so incredibly amazing. First, it’s a surefire orgasm giver for both you and your partner! As your partner pushes his fingers into your vagina, you’ll have both his fingers and his penis inside of you, causing you to feel very full and engaging all the sensitive pleasure nerves that line the walls of your vagina. Also, the extra “fullness” will help push his penis on your g-spot, giving you the extra stimulation you need to either have a g-spot orgasm or a blended one.

This move is also great for him, because you’ll feel extra tight to him. This will help stimulate him, especially if you have trouble with his thickness and the width of your vagina working well together. He’ll also be able to feel your wetness with his hand and feel his own penis penetrating you. This is super hot for him mentally! He will LOVE feeling you this way. He’ll also be able to stimulate himself as he stimulates you by moving his fingers around. It’s almost like him masturbating and having sex with you at the same time!

Fun Variations

If his fingers aren’t working well for you in the girl on top sex position, use different sex positions. while girl on top is the best one for this maneuver, it can also be done in the doggy style sex position and even the spooning sex position. Experiment with them all and see which ones work the best for you and your lover! Skip him on top though, because it’s way too difficult for him to get his fingers in your vagina in this sex position. It will just be awkward and possibly very uncomfortable.

If his fingers aren’t doing it for you but you still like the concept of his penis and something else being in your vagina at the same time, there are also several sex toys designed to be worn during intercourse that slip inside the vagina. They can create the same sensation of fullness and the vibrations can be fun, but they’re not as good at pushing the penis up against the g-spot or stroking his penis the way fingers can. Fingers can move spontaneously and independently of each other, giving you and him both some really intense sensations.

This move is all about being creative and doing what feels good in the moment. That’s what really makes it so hot – if you’re both turned on enough and just experiencing the here and now, almost any sex tips are going to be on FIRE!

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