5 Most Popular Places To Have Sex


Have you ever felt the urge to have sex with your man but you’re not quite sure you have the patience to drive a few kilometres to get to his place together? Have you ever been too broke to rent a room but you feel that you’re going to burst in the next hour if you don’t do it with him at that moment? There are so many couples that have felt the same way and somehow survived by not being too fussy about their choice of where to have sex.

Being frugal and having no other choice are not the only reasons to go out and look for other love nest venues. If your sex life has stalled, and you’re looking for ways to spice things up, it’s time to have sex in other, more exciting places.

5 Most Popular Places To Have Sex

  1. In The Car – It’s exciting when you do it in the parking lot, where other cars and people are moving around. Doing it in a car will only allow the most basic sex positions, but the thrill of having sex in a public place is worth it!
  2. In A Motel – If you can’t afford a room in a 5-star hotel, renting a motel room is a good alternative. Motel room walls are thin so you can’t make too much noise. Choose one that’s near his place or your place so that you feel like you’re sneaking out to have illicit sex. As long as there’s a bed and a heater, a motel room is good enough for a playful 3-hour romp.
  3. In A Tent – On your anniversary, why not pitch a tent in your backyard and do it there. Again, you can’t make too much noise because you might wake the neighbors. The cramped interior of the tent will force you and your boyfriend to stick to the more traditional sex positions like spooning and missionary.
  4. In A Hammock On The Beach At Sunset – For a more exciting and romantic intimate moment, on the beach (or your backyard), you can try doing it while you’re lying together in a hammock. The risk of falling off is one of the things that make this sex venue exciting. You can try woman-on-top so that her legs are hanging on both sides of the hammock. Alternatively, you can try the spoon position, even if the risk of falling off is greater.
  5. While Swimming In The Pool Or At The Beach – Sex underwater is uncomfortable, but if you are suitably lubricated during penetration, you only have to move slightly to feel the friction. If you can’t do the standing position normally because your man cannot carry you, this is a great way to try this sex position without much effort on his part.
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Doing it in places other than your bedroom will prove that you’re still fun, playful and adventurous as a couple. Changing venues is a great way to bring back the excitement in your relationship and to improve intimacy.

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