The Most Sensitive Part Of A Woman


A woman sometimes fakes her excitement during sex for several reasons. You know about these times when she’s acting like she is enjoying herself but her whole body tells you that she isn’t aroused. She’s dry as a desert down there and she isn’t making an effort to touch you.

Well, there are several reasons why women just don’t feel like making love. First, the timing could be off. She hasn’t showered when you grabbed her, or she may be in a bad mood after a rough day at work. Second, she may be feeling desensitized because of some internal turmoil in your relationship (you haven’t been talking for a while, you’re in a fight, etc).

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But here’s the thing. If you know where to touch her so that she instantly feels aroused, you won’t have to go out of your way to buy her jewelry or flowers to make her warm up to you again. There are certain places on a woman’s body where you can turn on her “sexual” switch just by touching.

The Neck and Ears

Just whispering softly will make a woman feel the heat of your breath on the sensitive areas of her neck, just behind the ears. Even the slightest touch of your lips on that sweet spot can turn her on. But you don’t have to stop with just letting your breath touch this sensitive spot. You can lick her ear lobes to increase her arousal, and you can take this chance to explore her body while she’s just starting to simmer.

The Chest Area

You already know about how sensitive a woman’s nipples are, but did you know that by kissing the area around her breasts, you can increase her arousal further? By kissing her chest region, you’re burning the sight into her brain so that her whole body knows that sex is starting. The trick is to caress the area with your hands and your lips leisurely, so that she can take in the sight frame by frame and increase her excitement only seconds after you start kissing her there.

Women are particularly vain about their chests, so doing this to her during sex will make her feel sexy. With this in mind, you also shouldn’t rush while you’re taking off her brassiere or her blouse. Romance her chest as slowly as you can.

Her Mound

Her most sensitive part isn’t the vaginal portal itself, but the areas surrounding it. Stroke the hairy area patiently, inch by inch, and you will be able to increase her arousal a hundred fold.

The clitoris region in particular houses a mother load of nerve endings. Even by just grazing the tiny nub during your exploration, you can create sensations she has never felt before. Be careful not to touch the nub directly, because the sensation may be painful or even shocking to her. The trick is to explore her vaginal area, wetting your fingers in the process, and “accidentally” touching her clitoris with your moving fingers.

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