The Right Way To Do Penetration


Penetration seems simple enough, right? Wrong! If you penetrate her the wrong way, you can mess up the entire sex act. Here’s how you need to be doing it.

You’ve done the works – the whole nine yards. You’ve been thorough, gentle and moved slow as a turtle on hangover. And now you’ve decided, she’s more than ready. Besides, you can’t take the suspense any longer, your penis made that argument for you 10 minutes ago. It’s time to bring your ship to harbor.

How To Start With Penetration

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Post a “Fasten Your Seatbelt” notice by performing SWEEPING maneuvers around the vulva before penetration. Although this is something that can be done anytime you fancy, Sweeping is usually a last minute act before switching gears. What you do is hold your ranting and raving tool at the mouth of her vagina. You have not entered her yet at this point, you’re just having a smoke at the gates.

Hold your penis and sweep it around the vulva. Rub the head of your unit around, moving it in circles, up & down and side-to-side – coaxing the bajingo to let you in. The resulting friction not only makes her want you more, it makes further delays harder to bear.

You may also use the underside of your shaft to rub on her vulva by mimicking thrusting motions. Without actually penetrating – give your woman a real thrill by rubbing her clitoris with the underside of your penis.

The First Moments

Everyone remembers their “firsts.” They are always noteworthy, whether they are for the good or for the bad. Everyone remembers their first kiss, first dates, first date disasters etc. They are “dear diary” moments.

But what we’re talking about here has nothing to do with the night she lost her virginity. Rather, it’s about those first moments in the session when you enter into vaginal territory – that moment when the 1st inch of your jimmy passes from the outside world into her wet ‘n wild world. You know, penetration. For many women, that first vaginal stretch is the most exciting and satisfying part – the BEST slice of the whole penetration process. (But if you’re not gentle, it could also be one of the most arduous things.)

These moments are both physically and psychologically meaningful for your partner. The two of you are officially joined, you are officially inside her. There is an elegant mini-drama in there that captures the phrase “getting into her pants” or the more spiritual “becoming one flesh.”

How To Make It Even Better

Share this episode by giving the lady lots of eye contact. Synchronize both your breathing and you’ll understand what connection means.

Don’t jam the first stroke of enetration. And for that matter, the several ones coming after that. Initially, thrust in a slooow and deliberate manner, as if she’s a virgin all over again – as if it’s her first encounter with Mr. Penis. (There’s always a first time – every time.) Instantly switching to high gear from the sensual style will stun a woman. It’s too fast a transition from laid-back to break back, like being mounted by a 1000 lb bull all of a sudden. That feeling is a bit disconcerting for the woman. Start slow, and gradually build up the speed.

Give her some slow, steady grooves and don’t cheapen penetration by immediately giving her all you’ve got. If you don’t pace yourself, you’ll burn out too early, you’ll orgasm even before you find your rhythm & balance. (What did you really expect?!)

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