The Skinny On Female Condoms


Getting a guy to wear a condom isn’t always easy. Some guys don’t like the feel of condoms, or don’t want to bother buying them. He might not be concerned with safe sex, but that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t be concerned about safe sex either? No way! Ladies can protect themselves by using female condoms and be in control of preventing pregnancy and sexually transmitted diseases. But what exactly are female condoms and how do you use them? Here’s how female condoms are different from your traditional male condom and how to max out your pregnancy and STD prevention when using them.

What Are Female Condoms?

Female condoms, like their namesake, are condoms that are designed to fit inside the vagina and be used in lieu of a male condom. They consist of a silicone or plastic flexible ring at one end (this is the end designed to go first into the vagina) with a larger ring at the other end of a hollow latex or plastic “tube.” The smaller ring is folded and inserted into the vagina, where it will “pop” open and rest against the cervix, while the larger ring is made to stay outside the vagina and cover the outer opening of the vagina and labia. Some models of female condoms are larger on the outside and will cover the entire vulva including the clitoris, which provides better protection against some sexually transmitted diseases. The vaginal walls are then protected by the “tube” of latex, because the penis will only come into contact with the female condom and not the vagina at all. A man’s sperm will remain inside the female condom and after sex, the condom can be removed easily without spilling the semen.

What Are The Benefits Of Using A Female Condom?

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The benefits of using a female condom are simple but powerful. Using a female condom allows a woman to be in complete control of preventing pregnancy and sexually transmitted diseases. Instead of relying on a man to purchase a box of condoms, bring the condoms with him and put them on before sex, a woman can rely on and trust herself to make sure she is protected. In fact, a female condom can even be inserted and worn well before sex even starts, so a woman who chooses to use them can go into sex already protected, making it easier for her to say, “no glove, no love.” Female condoms also help prevent more STD’s than their male counterparts. Since the outer ring covers some or all of the vulva with the latex, it can help prevent the spread of some STD’s like genital warts, genital herpes and pubic lice or crabs.

Are There Disadvantages To Using A Female Condom?

A female condom does not feel as natural as a traditional male condom. There is much more to it and instead of fitting the vaginal wall snugly, it can get a little bunched up in there. This is because a woman’s vaginal canal is flat until something is inserted into it to expand it. Since the “tube” portion of the female condom is hollow, it too will collapse onto itself when there is nothing else in the vagina. During sex, a man’s penis will expand both the vaginal canal and the female condom, but many men and women who have used female condoms report that it still feels like the plastic or latex is bunched up in the vagina. Other disadvantages of a female condom include difficult inserting and removing them from the vagina as well as being thicker than traditional male condoms and blocking more of the pleasurable sensations of friction during sex.

How To Make A Female Condom More Effective

While there is no way to make a female condom more effective at preventing the spread of sexually transmitted diseases, however, by adding spermicide to the inside of a female condom, you can make it more effective at preventing pregnancy. A lot of women who are sensitive to spermicides enjoy using them with female condoms, because the spermicide goes inside the “tube” and never comes into contact with the vagina. Simply squirt a half dollar sized amount of spermicide into the female condom, as close to the smallest ring (the one that will go inside your vagina) as possible. You can do this before inserting the condom inside your vagina, or after. Just remember to also use a good water based lube and plenty of it when using a female condom, whether you use spermicide or not. Lube can help reduce the amount of friction created by the condom and make it feel more like natural sex.

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