The Skinny On Female Genital Piercings


Brave and erotic, female genital piercings are taboo yet titillating. More and more women are getting genital piercings from the porn star with the beautiful Brazilian wax to the housewife who just wants a little something exciting in her sex life. Are female genital piercings for everyone? Are there risks involved? How to you take care of a female genital piercing, or multiple piercings? Here’s what you want to know on getting pierced…down there.

Styles Of Female Genital Piercings

These days, pretty much anything can be pierced. Whether it will stay there and stay clean is a whole other ball game. There are a variety of female genital piercings, including the more popular clitoral and labial piercings. The most common clitoral piercing is a vertical hood piercing, where the jewelry is inserted only through the clitoral hood and not through the clitoris itself, as well as an outer labia piercing. Other styles of piercings are available, such as the Triangle piercing where the jewelry is inserted behind the clitoris, but many of them depend on having an anatomy that works well with that type of piercing. Many female genital piercings are more controversial in the piercing society, such as surface piercings and piercings such as the Christina – these piercings have a high rejection and infection rate. Don’t be afraid to ask your piercer for their advice on the best genital piercing for your anatomy.


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Just like with any other piercing, there are health risks associated with female genital piercings. The biggest concern with a genital piercing is the heightened risk of infection due to the location of the piercing, but the risk of infection can be minimized with proper piercing aftercare techniques. Some concerns are that orgasms will be heightened and will become more frequent and even uncontrollable, but that is often one of the reasons behind getting a female genital piercing in the first place. If you are concerned about having orgasms that are too intense or are uncontrollable, consider a labia piercing or another style of piercing that will not directly rub against the clitoris. Many women report that after having heightened and more frequent orgasms for a period of time, that the clitoris will soon become desensitized to most friction and stimulation. This, however, seems to be rare.

Piercing Aftercare

Always talk to your piercer about how to properly clean and take care of your new female genital piercing. Many tips and techniques are available over the Internet, but many of them are conflicting and don’t come from trusted sources. Get your information directly from the source – a good, experienced and educated body piercer. Follow their instructions to the letter – if they say abstain from sex for six to eight weeks after getting pierced, do it. It may not be any fun in the meantime while you’re anxious to give your new jewelry a test drive, but getting an infection or having your peircing become irritated and painful is even less fun. A piercing may increase your risk for contracting sexually transmitted diseases, so it is very important to practice safer sex with condoms and dental dams if you’re not in a sexually monogomous relationship.

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