The Top 3 Most Wanted Sex Acts Women Crave From Men


Despite the increasing awareness of female sexuality, a woman still wants a man to lead her in the bedroom. Except for a paltry few, women expect men to have more knowledge about sex than them, whether they admit it or not. It’s not surprising that so many men’s magazines have started adding real sex advice columns, and Q&A sections, cutting a big chunk of sexy photographs space. These men need all the help they can get their hands on when it comes to learning how to make women happy in the bedroom.

So, what is a regular guy to do if his hot girlfriend is in a cuddly mood and is expecting the best sex of her life?

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Here are the top 3 most wanted sex acts women crave from men:

1. Making Her Feel Like a Goddess

Preparation time for a date is longer for women than men, so don’t make her think that she wasted her efforts to preen for you by ignoring her bling and scented wrists. Admire her shoes, because doing so means you’ve looked her over. You can stare at other body parts all you want but make sure that you talk to her eyes when you tell her something so she can see the wonder in them.

When you give her a small embrace, let your hands linger on her shoulders and waist long enough for her to feel the warmth of your palms. Abrupt actions and over all behavior might make her feel neglected and unappreciated. Flattery will make her float, if said sincerely and sexily. Whisper naughty things on her ear and make her giggle. Knowing that you’re hot for her as soon as you see her will convey the message of a very passionate night ahead.

2. Connecting with Her Emotionally Through Foreplay

You may feel very passionate and hot for her during your touchy feely date, but when you get her to the bedroom, make sure to take your time and linger on every part of her body that you undress. Trace patterns with your fingers gently across her heated flesh. Play little alphabet games with your tongue as you kiss her where she wants to be kissed the most. Knead rather than pinch and encourage her to moan for you.

One sexy tip is to talk about safe, mundane things while you make love to her with your hands and lips. Encourage her to play out her fantasies and let her return the favor. Be expressive while she makes love to you. When she goes down on you, never thrust too hard and just let her take control. Focus your efforts on making her feel that every move she makes sends waves of pleasure through you.

3. Giving Her An Orgasm (Or Two)

When she’s had her fun, let loose and give her the best orgasm she’s ever had. By now she will be sensitized and receptive (not to mention, delirious with lust). Few men know of the real secret to making a woman reach climax, but those who do certainly have very happy girlfriends. You will notice just how coquettish a woman gets when she’s thoroughly sated. The feeling of orgasm is addictive, mind boggling and overwhelming.

Giving her the gift of orgasm will bring you closer together. She will also look at you in a different light, and imagine what life will be in the future if you can make her climax that way over and over again.

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