Top 10 Best Places To Have A Quickie


Sex can be super fast and incredibly fun – it’s called a quickie. Getting it on with a time limit of several minutes can leave you and your partner flushed, exhilarated and wanting more. Here are some excellent places to go when you want to get busy on the fly.


On A Hospital Elevator

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Having sex in a hospital elevator can definitely lift a somber mood, and it’s even better when you’re at the hospital for something happy like the birth of a baby. Heck, why not practice making a baby right then and there? Press the stop button (make sure there’s not an alarm on it) and go at it. And you definitely want to press the stop button – hospital elevators are well known for stopping at almost every floor to let doctors and nurses off and on. Also, watch where you’re going! The elevator may very well take you into the morgue.

The Exam Table At The Doctor’s Office

Forget reading magazines or organizing your to-do list on your phone while you wait for the doctor to come in and examine you. Instead, hop up on the exam table and grab a quickie! It can make the wait less boring, but you do stand a chance of getting caught. Also, you may very well leave evidence – like semen – behind for the nurses to find when they flip the room for the next patient. You don’t want that noted in your chart!

In Your Neighbor’s Pool

Sex in the water is super fun, and it can feel extra naughty when you get busy in your neighbor’s pool while they’re gone. If you like the idea of possibly getting caught, plan to do it when they’ve gone off to the store or are just running errands. If you definitely don’t want to get caught (and if you want to turn your quickie into something more leisurely), choose a time that they’re on vacation or staying somewhere for a day or two and you know they won’t be back for quite some time.

Your Parent’s Bedroom

Bring back the feelings you had when you were a teenager and were trying to get some on the fly before your parents caught you by having sex in their bedroom. As an adult, you know you’re not going to get in trouble like you did when you were a kid, but getting caught can still be kind of embarrassing. For those who want a quickie but don’t want to risk the parents busting in, do it in their vacation house or while they’re not home.

On The Bathroom Floor (Yours Or Someone Else’s)

The bathroom floor is a great place for a quick romp, because it will make you feel sexy, dirty and a little raunchy! Even more so if you’re doing it in a public bathroom or at a friend’s house. Make sure the bathroom is clean though – either lay down a blanket of some kind or use standing sex positions.

In An Empty Bedroom Or Closet At A Friend’s Party

If you’re at a party and are feeling a little tipsy, your inhibitions are definitely down. It’s a perfect time to take advantage of your need to feel a little risque, so grab your partner and head to an empty bedroom or closet at a friend’s party. If it’s a wild party, you can pretty much guarantee that there are other people all over the house doing the exact same thing – just don’t be surprised if you walk in on another couple getting busy when you’re looking for a place to go yourself!

Doggy Style Looking Out Over An Observation Deck

Sometimes, you need a quickie with a view. If you live near a mountain or lake with some kind of observation deck, it can be an incredible place to get down on all fours and do it doggy style. The reason for doggy style sex here? So you can both take in the surroundings!

In The Empty Moving Van Before Returning It On Moving Day

You’ve finished moving, and you and your partner are completely exhausted – and exhilarated. You’re both covered in sweat and looking mighty fine – so why not throw down a blanket in the empty moving van and get busy? Sex or oral sex is great here – just leave the door cracked open so you can get out! You definitely don’t want to get locked in a moving van. Someone will eventually find you, but what are they going to think when they open the door and find you and your partner alone with nothing else in there?

In A Tanning Bed

Having sex in a tanning bed can be great fun, but there’s a few things to watch out for. Make sure that you and your partner’s combined weight don’t exceed the weight limit of the tanning bed. You don’t want to get busted by breaking the bed, and you’ll most likely be financially responsible for the damage. Also, limit it to a quickie, because you’ll end up with some funky tan lines if you stay in there longer than just a few minutes!

The Stairwell Of An Apartment Building

This is probably one of the best places to get busy on the fly. It has everything you need – good seating, handrails if you get really wild (or want to play with a little bondage), and privacy. Most people take the elevator in apartments, so if you sneak into the stairwell, you’re unlikely to get caught. It’s even less likely you’ll get caught if you pick a time where most everyone is in bed.

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