Top 10 Best Places To Have Public Sex


Sex in public is a fantasy that a lot of people have, including both men and women. The thrill of doing it where people might see you, or the fear of getting caught is a huge aphrodisiac for many. Here are some outstanding places to get busy in public and satisfy your urge for voyeurism. Use these ideas to turn the heat up on your sex life, tonight!


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In most places in America (and around the world), having sex in public is illegal. If you get caught, you could get fined or even go to jail. In some countries, the punishment for engaging in sexual acts is much more severe. Be mindful of the laws in your area and act accordingly. Also, be respectful of the people around you. Getting caught by kids is not cool! Explore your sexual fantasies but remember to do so in a responsible way.

In A Wave Pool At A Water Park

Even the most daring couples will have fun in a wave pool at a water park because it’s actually very public. At most water parks, there are a ton of people in the wave pool at any given time. You’ll definitely be in the close proximity of others, but it is possible to have sex in a wave pool without getting caught. Be creative with your timing and go later in the evening, when there is less chance that there will be lots of parents and children around.

On A Virtual Roller Coaster Ride At An Amusement Park

You can’t safely have sex on a real roller coaster, but doing it on a virtual roller coaster ride can be a lot of fun too. You have the small, cozy enclosed space and the up and down motion of the ride to assist in your partner’s penetration and thrusting. It’s also pretty much impossible to get caught if you and your partner have snagged a ride by yourselves, unless there are cameras that monitor the activity inside the ride.

At A Dog Park

Shed your inhibitions and do it doggy style in a dog park like the real dogs do! Pick a bush or tree to hide behind as you and your lover get it on, but beware of getting caught by people and furry friends alike. Also, beware of dog poop. Most people in a dog park are respectful and clean up their pet’s feces with a bag and dispose of it properly, but some don’t and getting dog poop on your body will ruin your sexy fun instantly.

Skinny Dipping At The Lake

Instead having sex with your lover in your tent or car, cool off by stripping your clothes off and going skinny dipping in the lake. Pretty much everyone has sex in the lake, so getting caught is almost a non-issue here. Make sure you’re out of the way of any boats or anyone else and enjoy the weightless feeling the water gives you. This is a great time to try standing sex positions because the water will help hold your partner up!

In A Bed At The Emergency Room

Long wait times will ensure privacy here and if you’ve ever been to the emergency room, you know it could be hours before the doctor comes to see you or sends a nurse for testing and blood work. Take advantage of this time and get busy on the emergency room bed. Just make sure not to try this during a real emergency!

In A Public Park On A Swing Set

A great way to try different sex positions with ease is by using the swing set at a public park. Imagine using the swing to swing your partner in and out of you or swinging together and only using the motion of the equipment to aid your thrusting rather than thrusting with your muscles. This can be an incredible turn on, but try it late at night when there aren’t any kids around. Also, don’t strip down completely – it can be much harder to hide what you’re doing if you do get caught if you and your lover are completely naked.

Also, consider just using the swings for foreplay and head home for the main event. The great feeling of having sex in public will still be there even when you head home, and it’s a lot easier to hide what you’re doing and avoid getting caught if you’re just giving a handjob.

In Santa’s Big Chair At The Mall

This is a great place for a Christmas time romp in public. Malls usually stay open late, and the “Christmas Wonderland” scenes are usually shut down and roped off – meaning no people and no kids. Definitely don’t try this when there are kids around! Hop up in Santa’s chair and have some sensual but risqué sex. And don’t forget to tell Santa what you want for Christmas – and what your naughty fantasies are.

At A Public Gym In The Locker Room

After a great workout when you’re adrenaline is pumping and you’re hot and sweaty, get a little frisky with your lover in the locker room. You can easily get caught here without some planning, so make sure you’re at the gym when there aren’t very many people there. Most locker rooms have private showers in them, and you can sneak your partner in there and close the curtain for some private (yet still public) fun.

In A Phone Booth

This is also a great way to dabble with public sex in a private way. Phone booths are pretty tiny though, so make sure you and your partner can both fit in there to begin with. Also, consider bringing lube with you just to make things go more smoothly. In fact, lube is probably an essential component of public sex period – a little stage fright can definitely affect a woman’s ability to produce adequate sexual lubrication.

In The VIP Area Of A Swank Nightclub

If you can get into the VIP area of a nightclub, their swank sofas and sensual atmosphere is perfect for sex. A blowjob under the table probably won’t get you caught, but full on sex will. If you want to get really wild, consider finding a swinger nightclub that allows that kind of thing. Check out the rules before you go and feel it out before the pants come off.

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