Top 10 Best Places To Have Sex Around The House


Sex doesn’t always have to be in the bedroom. In fact, it can be much more fun to discover other locations to go to have sex with your lover. But imagine if you could have tons of different areas to play in without ever leaving the house? You never knew how much fun sex with your significant other could be until you’ve ventured outside the bedroom….to the hall, the bathroom, and even outside! Check out these ten places that will have you wanting more.

In The Swimming Pool

Getting busy in the water is super hot, but sometimes you can’t always get comfortable during shower sex – and if privacy is one of your things, doing it at the lake just isn’t going to float your boat. The swimming pool makes an excellent compromise, because you can enjoy the feel of your lover’s body in the water without leaving the comfort and privacy of your home.

In A Tent In The Backyard

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Real camping is rarely convenient (and often dirty), but it can lead to some super steamy sex. You don’t have to miss out on the amazing sex that can happen when you’re camping – just take a romantic, sexy camping trip in your own backyard instead. It’s easy to set up and you’re never very far from the bathroom. Up the romance factor by laying out under the stars with your partner or cuddling with them near a fire – and then watch your sex life heat up too.

On The Dining Room Table

The dining room table is such an unexpected place to have sex, it can be a total thrill to abandon all your whims and just do it right then and there. If you don’t want to do it on the table, try having sex underneath it. This is a great place to act out any domination or roleplay fantasies, because often the idea of doing it on or under the dining room table where people eat is a huge turn-on.

In A Game Room On A Beanbag Chair

With a beanbag chair, you and your partner can get into a variety of different sex positions – even ones that you normally can’t do when you’re just having sex in the bed. Use the beanbag chair to prop your bodies up in different ways to make awkward positions more comfortable, or just use the chair to help you achieve different angles with your favorite sex positions. Just be careful not to pop the chair, because cleanup can be a mess!

On The Front Porch Swing

Use the rocking motion of a porch swing to make sex with your lover even better. The added motion can help you have better orgasms, and you won’t get as tired during thrusting because the swing will be doing a lot of the work for you. If you don’t have a private front yard, consider a swing in the backyard.

In The Kitchen On A Barstool

Standing sex positions can be great for g-spot stimulation, however, many men aren’t able to hold their partners up for an extended period of time (while thrusting no less) and some men aren’t able to do it at all. However, using a barstool in the kitchen is a great way to try out a standing position without breaking your back.

In Your Home Office On The Desk

You’ve seen the television shows and movies that show two co-workers throwing everything off the desk so they can have sex on top of it, right then and there. Indulge in a “need you right now” feeling and do this in your own home office. Your partner will be incredibly surprised – and very turned on – to say the least.

In Your Guest Room On The Pull Out Couch

Who hasn’t done it in their own guest room? Have some really fun, kinky sex on the pull out couch or the bed in your guest room and enjoy the fact that your guests will never know what really went on in there – and how much fun it was!

In The Coat Closet

This is a great place to sneak away and have a quickie if you and your lover have children and need to get away for just a few minutes. This is also an awesome hideaway if you’re having a party or have guests at your house and want to enjoy each other in secret. There’s just something naughty yet exciting about doing it in the coat closet!

In The Laundry Room On Top Of The Washing Machine While It’s Running

This really is the best place around the house to have sex. It combines a standing sex position with an exciting new venue to get it on in, along with powerful vibrations that will rival any sex toy. Next time you’re feeling really wild, throw a load of clothes in the wash. You’ll never look at “doing laundry” the same way again.

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