Top 10 Best Places To Have Sex While Shopping


Sex while shopping can be lots of fun! Give yourself a break from the grind by getting it on with these ten super steamy ideas.


While Apartment Hunting

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Apartment hunting can be pretty intense if you don’t have something to distract you. Some apartment landlords will hand out the keys to the apartments without accompanying you to the place. This is a great time to break in a new place! Check out the floor plan and then do it on the floor – or do it doggy style in the tub. Make sure to bring a few tissues with you – the water may not be turned on to rinse away the evidence of your tryst.

While Test Driving A New Car

Test out the backseat in a new car when you’re test driving it. Park the car in an obscure location and get busy – you can do it the traditional way in the backseat, or you can use the front passenger side seat if it reclines back far enough. You can also have oral sex this way if you get into the sixty-nine position!

In A Public Restroom In A Department Store

If you want to have sex in a department store, the best place you’re going to find is the restroom or the dressing room. The restroom offers less privacy than a dressing room, which may be more fun for you and your partner depending on if you’re into public sex. Make sure you pick a clean restroom!

In A Dressing Room

If the restroom is occupied or you just want somewhere a little cleaner to go, try the dressing room of a department store. Some dressing rooms have attendants and others don’t, so you want to try to find one that doesn’t have an attendant if you don’t want to get caught. It’s more likely that you’ll find a dressing room that isn’t attended later in the evening or close to the time that the store will be closing. Of course, you don’t want to get caught after the store closes, so give yourself plenty of time!

In A Show Camper In A Sports Store

Whether you’re thinking of buying a camper or not, taking a “look” inside it can be incredibly fun! Many sports stores will have campers set up for customers to tour, especially if it is a very large sports store. If the store is rather empty, you can duck into the camper for a quickie before anyone notices! Have fun by doing it on the fold out table (make sure it can hold your weight!) or missionary style on the camper’s bed.

In A Mobile Home Demo

Like with an apartment, you can often get away for a few minutes under the premise of touring a mobile home. Again, you’ll have to find a mobile home dealer that doesn’t accompany each of his or her customers to the home. Although, you can always as for a few minutes to discuss it privately, at which point the salesperson will most likely head to the other side of the house or somewhere else out of the way. Just be quiet if you don’t want them suspecting what you’re doing!

Under The Holiday Display At The Mall

‘Tis the season for hot sex and you can add a little bit of holiday cheer to public sex by getting it on under or in a holiday display at the mall. Many of these displays have nooks or crannies that you can hide in, or large Christmas trees you can hide behind. Either way, just make sure you’re not doing it during the hours that small children are around, lining up to see Santa! You’d have some angry parents on your hands if you were to get caught. Instead, try waiting until late evening shortly before the mall closes when there aren’t as many customers walking around.

On A Sample Bed At The Mattress Store

This one pretty much guarantees you will get caught, but if you like the idea of getting busted getting your groove on or just really want to do it in a mattress store, you’ll enjoy this. You also aren’t really going to be able to get naked in a mattress store. A handjob might be an alternative, because it’s a little more difficult for the salesperson to spot what you’re doing.

In The Dressing Room At A Lingerie Store

While this is similar to having sex in the dressing room at a department store, it’s a little bit sexier doing it in a lingerie store. This is because not only is the lighting better and will make you and your partner look great doing it, but you’ll also have fun parading around in the lingerie before you get busy! Just be aware that if you do get caught having sex while wearing the lingerie, you’re probably going to have to pay for it.

In A Show Car In The Middle Of The Mall

Another great place to have sex in the mall is in a show car. Most of the time, the windows are tinted dark, so no one will be able to see what is going on inside the car unless they’re standing really close to it and looking in. Again, you have less of a chance of getting caught if you go at a time that there aren’t a lot of people in the mall, but be aware that the doors of the car may be locked and you may not be able to get in.

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