Top 10 Best Redneck Places To Have Sex


Sex can be classy, or it can be downright dirty. Getting it on in the country, or just the way a “country gal” might, can be a lot of fun and may end up being really memorable! Want to know some truly “redneck” places to have sex? Here are ten you and your partner can have fun trying!


In A Barn Loft Full Of Hay

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While the hay might be coarse and itchy (heads up, bring a blanket), this can definitely be a romantic and sexy way to connect with your inner “redneck.” The smell of the hay will help you get in touch with your country side, and you and your lover can have fun bringing the term “rolling around in the hay” to life.

On The Fence In The Middle Of A Farm

One of the best things about being on a farm is that you’re really out in the middle of nowhere. There’s almost never anyone around, so you can have nearly complete privacy while still being out in the open and experiencing the thrill of “public sex.” Hop up on a picket fence and get busy! Make sure to avoid having sex on electric cattle fences – they’re pretty easy to spot, but if you do mistake an electric fence for a regular fence, your bum is going to be sorry!

Grab A Quickie At The County Fair

The county fair is a great place to grab a quickie. There are plenty of places to do it, and almost no one is paying attention – they’re too busy playing carnival games or people watching. Next time the fair is in town, find a secluded nook and get it on with your lover. Standing sex positions are probably your best bet here, there’s no telling what is on the ground – it could be anything from petting zoo waste to sticky popcorn and cotton candy.

On A Hunting Platform In A Tree

Find a much better use for a hunting platform and use it for sex instead of shooting wild animals. This can be super fun if you’re not afraid of heights – just be careful and make sure that the platform you’ve chosen is sturdy enough to support both yours and your partner’s weight combined. Don’t go at it too vigorously though – shaking the entire tree might not be in your best interest.

At A Public Laundromat

There are few things more raunchy than having sex in a public laundromat. If you happen to go when it’s either really early or really late (never on the weekends, laundromats are always super busy on Saturdays and Sundays), you will often find yourselves alone for quite some time. Take advantage of the privacy and bend over a commercial washer doggy style!

In A Car Lift At The Auto Shop

When your car is being worked on, sneak into the backseat and have sex while your car is lifted up in the air. The bonus? No one will be able to hear you and your lover getting it on over the noise of the machinery in the shop. The caveat? It’s going to be pretty tough sneaking in the backseat without anyone from the shop noticing you. Even if you manage to get up there without anyone being the wiser, you’re probably not going to be able to get out without someone seeing you.

On A Blanket In The Middle Of A Pasture

This one is actually very easy to do and you probably won’t get caught doing it. Find an empty pasture and bring a blanket – and a picnic if you like – and relax under the open air. Do this at sunrise, sunset or at night under the stars. It’s simple, fun and super romantic! Just be sure to avoid the cow paddies.

Under The Bleachers At A Monster Truck Rally

If the idea of monster trucks crushing each other and the sound of twisting metal turns you on (what redneck doesn’t like monster trucks?), grab two tickets to a monster truck rally and get busy under the bleachers. No one will be able to hear you over all the noise, so be as loud as you like!

In The Back Corner Of The Dollar Store

This may be difficult to do without getting caught, but it is possible. Next time you’re bargain hunting at the dollar store, sneak to a back corner or aisle that isn’t frequented by customers or staff. If you can’t manage to have sex, start a little foreplay like a handjob or deep kissing that can be continued at home.

On The Sofa At A Truck Stop Lounge

This is probably the raunchiest, most redneck spot of them all. If it’s late at night, it’s unlikely that anyone will notice or be bothered by you and your lover getting busy on the couch – just make sure to bring a blanket. You don’t know what – or who – else has been on that couch!

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