Top 10 Extreme Viewer Questions


As sex gurus, we get asked tons of questions about sex, oral sex and everything in between. Some of the inquiries are pretty basic how-to stuff, like how to give a great blowjob or the best way to have anal sex. However, we do get a lot that are pretty interesting! Since sex pretty much comes in every flavor, you can imagine we’ve gotten some that lean more towards dark chocolate than vanilla. Here’s the ten most extreme things we’ve been asked by our audience.


10. I’m Attracted To Girls – How Can I Share A Threesome With My Husband?

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She’s attracted to girls – but she’s married? Can she share a threesome with her husband, or would it destroy their marriage? We weighed in on this one, and her fears are legitimate – she’s afraid she’ll never be able to live up to a threesome when she has sex with her man by herself. We recommended starting slow with talking about it first and then possibly moving on pictures or videos of women having sex together, then working their way up to a threesome. Our advice is that a threesome is never all or nothing. You can do as much or as little as you like!

9. Q&A: What Is Your Opinion On Fetishes And Bestiality?

We get asked what our opinion is on a lot of stuff when it comes to sex – but this is definitely the most interesting so far. There are lots of fetishes out there that many people might think are “weird” or strange, but don’t actually hurt anyone. Then, there are other fetishes that absolutely cross the line. Bestiality, for example, is one of those. We’ve always said that the golden rule is this: As long as whatever you’re doing involves only consenting adults (and animals definitely don’t fall into that category) and it doesn’t hurt anyone, you’re good to go.

8. What Are Crabs And How Do You Get Them? Dangerous Sex Toys?

This question came from a virgin girl who got crabs – but couldn’t figure out where she got them. She was sharing a vibrator with her sister, but her sister doesn’t have crabs either. What happened? Crabs can be transmitted a number of ways – through sex or even through the sharing of unwashed underwear. Regardless of where the crabs come from, it requires a trip to the doctor. Our recommendation here? To get individual sex toys – or at least clean them thoroughly with hot, soapy water or a special toy cleaner.

7. Is Cross Dressing A Turn Off To Women?

Like we said, everyone has their fetishes. This guy enjoys cross dressing, but he’s not sure if women will actually go for it or not. While the majority of women probably wouldn’t consider cross dressing a turn on, there are some out there who could really get into it. Our advice her was to look online – either at fetish or online dating websites – so he can find out up front whether a girl is interested in cross dressing or not.

6. MILF Fantasy – Should I Have Sex With My Ex’s Mom?

A guy with a MILF fantasy broke up with his ex girlfriend and had now has a clear window to her single, beautiful mother. He offers her a massage, she says yes – and thanks him with a passionate kiss. However, he may have missed the golden opportunity by not acting on the kiss right away. He wants to have sex with her, but can he get her back in the same mood or has she already had too much time to think about it? Our advice was to re-create the opportunity and see if she reacts the same. Unfortunately, this doesn’t always end well and he may have missed out on his chance for good.

5. Cuckold Fantasy: My Wife With Another Man – Why Do I Like It?

This guy wants to see his wife having sex with another man – but isn’t sure if his fantasy is too weird. We give this guy props – most guys would turn green with jealousy if they saw their wife even flirting with another man, let alone getting it on with him. He wants to see his wife enjoy herself and have a great orgasm, whether he’s the one giving it or not. Our advice on this one? We told this guy to relax and have fun.

4. Q&A: My Girlfriend Wants To Do Me With A Strap On

Lots of girls (and guys) want to bring sex toys into the bedroom, but this girl wants to do her guy with a strap on dildo! If he’s into it, that’s one thing – but he wasn’t, and the idea of anal sex (on him!) downright gave him the creeps. We recommended that he communicate with his partner and let her know that he just wasn’t feeling it. If she doesn’t respect him (it’s his body after all), he might need to move on to someone who does.

3. Help! My Husband Is Forcing Me To Make A Porn Video!

We’re all down for making amateur porn if both partners are interested, but this wasn’t the case here. This woman’s husband threatened to leave her if she didn’t let him film her having sex with other men. She’d done it before, but decided it just wasn’t for her. They constantly fought about it and he said that if she loved him, she would do it. On this one, the advice was really easy to give – it’s time for her to get out of there! If someone is trying to manipulate you into doing something you don’t want to do (especially when it comes to sex), you’re better off moving on. Period.

2. Desperate Housewife – Husband REFUSES Oral Sex!

Most guys love getting a blowjob – but this guy doesn’t. Problem is, she’d really like to give it! We suggested that she talk to her husband openly about how much she’d love to give him head. Communication really goes a long way with situations like this. However, if he just won’t buy into it, she may need to learn to accept his sexual preferences – especially if it’s his religion or moral beliefs that is involved in his decision making process.

1. My Husband Wants Me To Have Sex With A Donkey

There’s a few things that are just outside of our box and this is one of them. This woman’s husband wants her to have sex with a donkey – on film – and he’s threatening to leave her if she doesn’t comply. Not only is her husband manipulating her to try to get her to do something she doesn’t want to do, he’s also putting himself and her into possible legal trouble by participating in bestiality. This woman needs to get out and fast!

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