Top 10 Things Women Wish Men Would Do Before, During and After Sex


These days it should come as no surprise that women enjoy sex just as much as men do, but one thing that has stayed the same is that they would like men to ‘just know’ what they want without having to break down and tell them!

This article should make sex a real no-brainer for you from here on thanks to these ten things that women admit to wanting even if they don’t necessarily admit it to you!

Before Sex She Wants You To…

1. Kiss Her

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It seems that kissing has become a bit of a lost art in this day and age and this is especially the case when a couple has been together for a long time. Spend a few minutes just kissing (a.k.a. making out) the way you did when you were a teenager. You’d be surprised at how hot kissing can really be!

2. Indulge in Some Foreplay

Women need a little more than guys do in order to get really turned in and primed for action. By treating them to more foreplay, not only do you increase their chances of an orgasm, but you’re also setting yourself up for some very hot sex to follow!

3. Be Romantic

This should come as no shocker to anyone as it has been a problem since the beginning of man! While women enjoy a hard sexy throw down on occasion, they still want to be pampered and romanced a little.

Take some time to light a candle or two or just say something romantic. It doesn’t take a bed sprinkled with rose petals to make a woman happy-though that would be great too.

During  Sex She Wants You To…

4. Look Into Her Eyes

You can’t even begin to imagine how incredibly arousing it can be to keep your eyes focused on each other during sex.

It creates an intimacy like nothing else which most women crave from their partners and it can really help you get in tune with each other so you’re better able to know what feels good to them and what could use a little work; all without having to say a word.

5. Be A Little Rough

Yes, women want romance and tenderness, but most often before sex. During sex a woman wants to feel the passion and the urgency that comes from being wanted and desired.

Men are often afraid to be too rough, but the truth is that many women want to be handled a little harder during sex. Note: Tip #5 is a great one to help gauge just how rough you should be with her.

6. Not Forget Her Clitoris

The clitoris is the female equivalent of the penis, meaning that it is full of pleasure-feeling nerve endings that need to be stimulated to achieve orgasm.  Most often a man will be so wrapped up in all the thrusting that he will neglect the most sensual part of her body. Spend some time on the clitoris and you’ll make her one happy camper!

After Sex She Wants You To…

7. Cuddle

Big surprise; a woman wants to be held a little after sex as opposed to having you roll over and fall asleep like she’s not even there. Put your arms around her, let her rest her head on you and try to stay awake for the next tip.

8. Say Something

Again, this one should come as no surprise. This is because women tend to feel more vulnerable after sex and by taking the time to listen and talk to her; you are making her feel more at ease and special.

9. Be Tender

Once the passionate, raw sex is done and over with, it’s time to treat her like a delicate little lady again.

And Finally…

10. Have sex with her again!

That’s right; while most men need to rest and regroup after they climax, women are usually good to go again rather quickly and would appreciate another round!

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