Top Erogenous Zones For Men And Women


Most sex tips cover instructions on how to stimulate areas on both men and women that are well known to create pleasure, but there are actually lots of pleasure points that many sex tips and advice manuals don’t cover. Here’s a list of spots on a woman’s body (and a man’s) that when touched, licked or tickled will drive them absolutely wild!


Best Pleasure Points For Women

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Lips, Neck And Ears

Women love the soft, sensual feeling of kissing, so their lips are a huge pleasure point. Her neck and ears also contain lots of pleasure receptors, and you can use them to your advantage when kissing your girl. Kiss her softly on the lips, letting your tongue slide ever so slightly across her mouth. Then, kiss and lick softly down her chin, up her neck and behind her ears. Draw her earlobe into your mouth for a light suck and she’ll melt.

Breasts And Nipples

The breasts and nipples are obvious pleasure points on a woman (they’re mentioned in almost every sex tips manual), but few mean really know how to use them to get a girl warmed up before sex. A lot of men will tweak or pinch a woman’s nipples expecting her to become turned on, when in reality, she craves a soft and gentle touch at first. Spend time caressing your lover’s breasts with your hands and kissing softly and rubbing your lips across her nipples. Use your breath to blow warm or cool air on your partner’s wet nipples to send shivers down her spine.

Inner Thighs, Behind The Knees, Crease Of The Elbow

These pleasure spots aren’t ones that you normally hear about, but they’re powerful ones nonetheless. When you’re kissing and licking up and down your partner’s body during foreplay, don’t skip her inner thighs, the back of her knees and the crease of her elbow. These spots are packed with nerve endings and pleasure receptors and when these spots are caressed, it will drive her wild.

Clitoris And G-Spot

These are obvious hot points and you definitely don’t want to skip over them when getting your partner turned on! When licking her inner thighs, let your tongue brush lightly over her clitoris to tease her and bring her closer to orgasm. When you’ve had enough foreplay and are ready to get the main event started, start giving her oral sex. Slip one or two fingers gently inside her vagina (make sure that she’s either wet enough or you have a generous amount of lube on hand) and find her g-spot.

Best Pleasure Points For Men

Neck And Ears

Both men and women enjoy having their neck and ears stimulated. When making out with your lover, kiss him softly on the lips and then move your way to his neck and right behind his ear. When licking and sucking this sensitive skin, breathe heavily and make sure he can hear the delicious sounds you’re making as you savor his skin.

The “Happy Trail” And His “Cut Lines”

The “happy trail” is the area between the navel and the start of a man’s groin. The “cut lines” are areas on either side of the groin where the legs come meet the abdomen. Both of these areas are very sensitive and you can use them to your advantage as you’re licking and sucking all over your partner’s body.

The Head Of The Penis

When you feel like you’ve had plenty of foreplay and are ready to take things to the next level, begin giving your lover a blowjob – but don’t put your lips all the way down his shaft! Instead, you’re going to focus all of your licking and sucking on the head of your partner’s penis while you hold his shaft in place with your hand. This area is extremely sensitive (the most sensitive part of his penis) and he may not be able to tolerate a lot right away, so start slow. This is definitely one of those sex tips that will get him squirming!

Perineum And Prostate Gland

A man’s “g-spot” is considered to be his prostate gland and when stimulating it, you can give him some of the most amazing orgasms he’s ever had. If your man is anal shy, try rubbing firmly or pressing a vibrator against his perineum (the area between his scrotum and anus). This creates indirect stimulation to the prostate gland. If your guy digs anal play, lube up and slip your fingers (or a prostate massager) in about two inches and make the “come hither” motion. He’ll love it!

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