4 Sex Positions That Are Perfect For Valentine’s Day!


Valentine’s Day should involve great sex – and many guys think that involves trying all kinds of new things. But should you use new, crazy weird sex positions to rev things up? No! Not at all! In all seriousness, feeling like a pretzel on Valentine’s Day is more likely to turn your girl off than to catapult her to orgasm. Instead, use these four tried but true sex positions (with an interesting twist!)

1. The Lotus Position

Even though this is considered to be a pretty basic sex position by most seasoned sex gurus, many couples haven’t tried it. If you and your partner haven’t, consider yourself all set for Valentine’s Day! You’ll get to try a “new” sex position with your girl, but it’s one that won’t leave her feeling cheap and used.

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If you have used it before, that’s okay. It’s still great for Valentine’s Day because it involves lots of cuddling and face to face intimacy. Yep – Valentine’s Day is all about the romance. That doesn’t mean it stops as soon as the sex starts. Your job is to carry it over and make getting it on with your lover as romantic as the rest of your gifts.

2. Reverse Cowgirl

Okay, you’ve done the lotus, you’ve had lots of cuddle time and have romanced your girl until you’re blue in the face. You’re both ready for some action! Throw caution to the wind and put your lover in the reverse cowgirl position. This is an excellent sex position to use because not only do you get an incredible show, she gets friction on her clitoris from your scrotum, bringing her closer to orgasm than with other sex positions.

Why This Will Work On Valentine’s Day

She knows she’s going to be having sex on the 14th. She’s had it in her mind for weeks. She’s likely bought special panties or a lingerie set already. There’s not a snowball’s chance in hell that she’s gone “au natural” on the big day. You can bet your bottom dollar that she’s clean, trimmed and prepped so as to be “ready” for anything on Valentine’s Day. Use this to your advantage.

Reverse cowgirl is one of the sex positions that women will engage in only if they’re comfortable enough with their bodies and only if they’re super clean and trimmed or shaved down there. A woman is not going to put herself on display for you like that unless she’s totally confident that she looks good.

3. Spooning

Again, while this is a widely used sex position, it is an excellent choice for February 14th because it involves lots of romance and intimacy. You can kiss and caress your partner’s ears, neck and shoulders while you slowly penetrate her from behind, while running your hands all over her breasts, hips and finally resting on her clitoris.

Not only will this sex position make her feel super loved and cherished (which is a total turn on for women), you can also help her reach orgasm faster by fingering her clitoris – just make sure you use lube!

4. Yep…Missionary!

Believe it or not, missionary is probably still one of the best Valentine’s Day sex positions out there. Yes, it’s completely played out. It’s been done and done again, and it’s become the running joke of sex positions couples who have really boring sex lives use. But that’s definitely become the stereotype of the missionary position – that doesn’t mean it actually is boring.

The truth about the missionary position is that it is what you make it. If you think it’s going to be boring, it’s going to be boring. If you instead allow yourself to live “in the moment” and savor each and every sensation you experience – from the sights to the smells to the tastes – then you’re going to have fantastic sex, and it won’t even matter what position you use!

Make missionary sex incredible this Valentine’s Day by making it sweet and romantic. Engage in lots of foreplay first. Give her oral sex so good, she’ll think you’re in love with going down on her and aren’t ever going to stop. By the time you get to actually doing it in the missionary position, she should have had at least one orgasm, if not more. Then, penetrate her slowly and let her excitement build again. Have sex life a masterful, skillful lover and she won’t even care that you used the missionary position! In fact, she’ll be glad she didn’t have to re-enact yoga positions while naked on Valentine’s Day!

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