What Your Girl REALLY Wants This Valentine’s Day


Valentine’s Day comes with lots of expectations – you really need to perform well (this doesn’t mean spending a lot of money, but you should know that already) if you really want to make your woman feel special. But are dinner dates, flowers and jewelry all she wants? Not hardly! Find out what your partner TRULY wants this year.

For You To Not Ask Her What She Wants

She doesn’t want you to ask her what she wants for Valentine’s Day – that’s a huge faux pas. What that says to her is, “I don’t care to know enough about you to make an educated guess as to what you would like for a gift.” That is so lame! This is something you want to avoid at all costs. Don’t discuss Valentine’s Day with her. Don’t bring it up. Don’t ask her what she’s getting you. Let her think you’ve forgotten! Just whatever you do, plan your gift without her help!

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If you’re really stuck on what to get your girl, ask her best friend for a hand instead. That’s what they’re for and when your partner finds out you enlisted the help of her BFF, that’s major brownie points for you. Just don’t be the one to tell her – let the friend tell her during a meaty gossip session. You can pretty much count on getting laid for awhile after that.

For You To Have More Than One Gift Planned

You do not have to spend a lot of money to make this happen! Most guys who don’t forget Valentine’s Day entirely will get one nice gift that will be graciously accepted. However, remember that part about how she doesn’t want you to ask her what she wants? How she wants you to already know what she wants? Apply that here – she wants you to know what she wants so much that you have multiple ideas and couldn’t settle on just one. Yes, that’s actually a secret fantasy of hers.

Again, this doesn’t have to be several gifts persay. It can be a love coupon book with a treasure hunt with sweet notes leading the way to find it, paired with a romantic home cooked candle lit dinner at home, an erotic massage and incredible sex. See? That’s like 7 presents and would easily take up the better part of the afternoon, evening and night. And it would cost you about $20. For all of that. Not even kidding. She wants you to be creative enough to plan not one, not two, but as many incredible, creative, sweet and romantic things you can think of. They can cost hundreds, or they can cost exactly zilch. 

No “Useful” Gifts

Yes, she may have been needing her brakes done for awhile or really needs a new electric mixer, but that does not mean that these are acceptable Valentine’s Day gifts. In fact, these are really bad ones! The entire point of Valentine’s Day is frivolity – meaning, that for this frivolous holiday, you need to choose frivolous gifts. Get it?

No Last Minute Gifts

Your partner also doesn’t want you to buy a gift last minute. Even if you think you totally slid by and got an awesome gift, she’ll be able to tell that you forgot about Valentine’s Day until the last possible moment. This screams irresponsible and inconsiderate to her! She’s likely been planning your present(s) for days or even weeks, so if you go out the day before and get her a stuffed animal and chocolates from Walgreens, you are most definitely going to insult her.

Take some time to plan nice gifts, or a romantic date. If you’re not creative and have difficulty coming up with something on your own, plan to have enough time to do a little research.


Above all, your lady wants you to get up off your butt and help her out with cleaning the house! As in, right now. If you want to make your chore gifts into a coupon book, all the better. But this Valentine’s Day, make an effort to have the dishes done before she comes home from work, or take out the trash without her having to ask.

Better yet, call in sick for the day while she’s at work, and surprise her not only with a sparkling clean house and dinner, but decorated with balloons and candles. Believe it or not, this takes very little funds. You can have the house dripping with “Valentine’s Day” with $30 or less if you put in the effort.

And there it is, fellas. What does she really want for Valentine’s Day? For you to do something that makes her feel like she was totally worth the effort.

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