Want To Spice Up Your Next Date? Try Boston Not So Proper…


Looking to get some hot new clothes for your next date? Or maybe some exciting new lingerie for that intimate evening you’ve got planned?

We’ll you’re in luck…

The Little Black Book of Sex Positions
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Jennifer gets this women’s clothing catalog from Boston Proper. They’ve got some really steamy but classy outfits throughout, and the models are, well, certainly endowed and prone to show off.

We jokingly refer to the catalog as Boston Not So Proper. Seriously, check out their stuff when your thinking about your next date with your significant other. And of course, there’s always Victoria’s Secret… They have some really sexy date clothes as well.

Now, for lingerie, check out Fredericks. They have a great selection.

Also, a good friend of ours, Bethany, has a great lingerie site – Totally Sexy Lingerie. She has great prices and a good selection. Plus, she’s cool and will handle your order personally, so go check out her site and pick up some sexy lingerie today.

But is it ok to buy this stuff? What if you offend your woman? Ladies, afraid ‘he’ won’t like you anymore?

Ladies, face it, your significant other loves to see you in this stuff. There’s lingerie out there for every body size and shape.

And guys, yes it’s ok to buy your special lady sexy lingerie. She’ll be flattered that you think and fantasize about her. Yes, she DOES like the fact that you think that way about her – and not about some other woman! In fact, tell her often in a discreet and loving way, that you think about her body and that you really want her.

A woman wants few things more that to simply know that her man desires her.

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Have an awesome day!
Dan & Jennifer 

"The Little Black Book of Sex Positions"

by Dan & Jennifer
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