What He Really Wants In Bed – How To Decode His Bedroom Behavior


Men can be extremely cryptic with what they want in bed. Some men get very embarrassed talking about what they like when it comes to sex, while others will openly admit to being a freak. If you find that your boyfriend or husband is hard to read in the sack, there are a few things that you can take notice of to truly make him happy. Decoding bedroom behavior is not as hard as it sounds when you take a keen eye to what he does and how acts when you do certain things in the bedroom. Here is a short guide to help you along the way.

During Sex He Likes You On Top

When a guy likes a girl on top he’s most likely a submissive at heart. When the girl is on top she has control of the movements and the thrust of the penis. She is also in a dominant position over the man, making her seem like the person in charge.

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If your guy really likes when you’re on top he secretly wants to be dominated.  This doesn’t mean that you have to break out the chains and whips, but being more aggressive and telling him to do what you like is really going to turn him on. Men that like to be dominated find it sexy for a girl to have confidence in the bedroom and order them around a little bit. Try this out the next time you have sex and you will see what a difference it makes in the way he responds to you.

During Sex He Likes To Be On Top

A guy that likes to be on top is going to be much more dominant than a guy that likes to be on the bottom. A guy that is on top is traditionally the more dominant figure in the relationship. He can control the situation, control how much you move and control the thrust of the penis.

If your guy likes to be on top he would probably like to add a little more to the mix. Consider using dirty talk during sex to make him feel more like a man. Guys that are dominant get very turned on when women fulfill their fantasy of being a powerful lover. Make the sex more passionate when he’s on top and you will find that he is much happier with your sex life.

He Insists On Doggy Style Sex Every Time

Here’s one that you need to watch out for. Doggy Style is a great sex position for women because it puts the penis at a very unique angle in their vagina. However, if the guy is always insisting on Doggy Style he might not be that into you. Doggy Style is an extremely impersonal sex position that doesn’t allow for much passion or intimacy.

If your guy is always trying to get you into this position you might need to reconsider the reason he is with you. There are a lot of positions where can enjoy the backward view and you shouldn’t be relegated to an object every time you have sex with your partner.

He Gets Offended When You Don’t Orgasm

This can be a real drag on the relationship. A guy that gets offended when you don’t reach climax with him can be annoying and lead to you faking your orgasms. You should never have to fake your orgasm with a partner in order to make him happy.

A guy that easily gets offended when you don’t orgasm with him has very little self-confidence. The reason that he gets offended is because the fact that you’re not reaching climax just reiterates his lack of self-esteem. Men like this have a very hard time understanding why you have not come with him. Reaching out and telling him that you are happy with your sex life is the best way to help him through his lack of confidence.

He Won’t Give You Oral Sex

There are a lot of reasons that a guy won’t give a girl oral sex.

The first reason is that the girl does not use proper hygiene on her vagina. While this might not be true for every woman that has tried to shove their husband’s face downtown, it can be said for a lot.

The second reason that a guy won’t give his girl oral sex is because he’s selfish. He simply wants to get off and does not care about the girl. The last reason is that he doesn’t think that she enjoys it when he does it. Notice I said when he does it and not a general statement of her not liking it by anybody. Tell him that you love when he gives you oral sex and you will get a lot more.

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