What He REALLY Thinks About During Sex With You

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Is there any woman who doesn’t want to know what goes on inside the male mind? If you’re like most (okay probably all) women, you’ve thought about what your man is thinking about during sex. You’ve probably been especially curious to think about what he thinks about during sex with you.

Here’s What She Said About “What He Thinks About During Sex”

Baseball, Star Trek, His fantasy football league, What he had for dinner, Math equations, How to change a tire, WWII. And anything else that is 
the complete opposite of what is happening to his body right now! When guys have sex they will think of anything to make sure they do not come
 to quickly.

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Now with that being said, after a while and after he has some experience he may be able to think sexier thoughts. Those thoughts might 
include, your hot sister, your hot roommate, your hot co worker. His hot coworker, his high school teacher, the girl who makes his coffee, the girl that 
gave him his first hand job, a girl he saw walking on the street….get the picture?

Guys are super horny and their thoughts can go everywhere during sex.

 Also guys think a lot about boobs and your naked body! But do not feel shy about this! They are thinking about how to unhook your bra so they can get
to your boobs and when you are going to get on top so they can see your boobs in action. And what they can do with their hands to get them on your 

Other thoughts that enter a guy’s mind are: “I should have done more sit ups”. Just like women, guys worry about their bodies and wish they would have 
gone to the gym or done some more push ups/sit ups before they got all naked with you.

During sex, guys also think:”Is she coming? She’s moaning so that’s a good sign”.”Please condom do not break”, “Damn she is hot, how did i get so 
lucky”, “I hope my deodorant is working”, “I shouldnt have had that last beer”, “Where should I come?”

When guys are having sex they also think about how long its taking and if its been too long or too short. 

As you can see, men are just as worried and insecure as women when it comes to sex. They want to please you like you want to please them. And their thoughts
can go everywhere.

As women, you should not feel the need to worry about what is going on in his head though especially if you are concerned with what 
you look like or if you are doing something right. When it comes to sex, it is a hell of a lot more fun when both parties just enjoy each other and have

Here’s What He Said About “What He Thinks About During Sex”

He’s probably focusing on doing a good job. Men want to get you off more than you want to get off, so that’s probably crossing his mind a lot during sex with you.

He’s also probably going through his sexual checklist during sex with you as well. If you’re a guy, and you give too much attention to her left boob and less to the right boob, she will get weird about it (Yes, we know you keep track of this stuff.) So we try to make a point to make sure we give everything equal attention, even if we don’t like doing it, or we’re dying to just fuck you already.

He’s thinking about being inside you while he’s inside with you. He’s trying to read your reactions: moans, groans, words (if you can get them out). He’s also trying to focus on fucking as opposed to cumming during sex with you. He is easier to get off than you are, in general, so he’s probably trying to be in the moment while not actually being too in the moment.

He may be wishing he did more cardio or worked out harder during sex. Great cardio or great workout equals great stamina during sex. So he may or may not have it, and suddenly, not working out today doesn’t seem like such a bright idea.

He’s definitely thinking about how much he likes fucking you while he’s fucking you. Your boobs, your pussy, your ass, he loves all of these things. You’d probably be surprised at the deeper level of affection he has for these things. He loves the way your pussy tastes. He could stare at your ass for hours, and plunging deep inside you is the tastiest treat he can fathom. He’s thinking about all of this while inside of you

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