What Is A Micropenis And Do I Have One?


Penis size is something just about every guy worries about. In fact, most guys are obsessed with their penis size and worried that their genitals too small. Some men may be convinced that they have a micropenis – that is, a clinical condition where the genitals are much smaller than average. But what really makes a small penis a micropenis, and could you have one?


What Is A Micropenis?

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A micropenis is a term that is usually used to describe a very small, or abnormally small penis. The average length of an adult man’s genitals when erect is about 5-6” and a micropenis is any shaft that is less than about 2.8” when erect. So basically, a micropenis is a penile shaft that is significantly smaller than the smallest average size.

What Causes It To Be That Small?

There are a few things that cause this condition, including abnormal testicular development in the womb and testosterone and other hormone deficiencies. If you do have a micropenis, it’s likely that you’re not going to discover this until you’re an adult – all these measurements are for an adult male, because the genitals are normally much smaller in boys.

How To REALLY Measure Your Penis

If you want to find out if your small genitals actually fall into the “micropenis” category, you’ll want to measure it correctly. Remember that most guys who have smaller genitals still don’t fit into the category of having a micropenis – because their genitals are small, but not less than 3″ or so. Here’s the real way to measure your penis:

  • Get your shaft as erect as you can. Make sure you’re really turned on and you’ve maximized your penis size.
  • Have a rule or tape measure on hand.
  • Place one end of the measuring device at the very base of your shaft, up against your groin.
  • Stretch out the tape measure or lay the ruler on your shaft and note where the tip of your penis is. This is your penis length.

If you do have small genitals, or even a micropenis, remember that it’s not all about length when it comes to pleasing a woman sexually and giving her an orgasm. It’s really the width that comes into play during intercourse, so even if you have a short shaft, if it is still fairly thick, you’re good to go.

Can A Micropenis Be Enlarged?

If you have very small genitals, you’re probably going to want look into some type of penis enlargement therapy to help you get a bigger member. Don’t take matters into your own hands though, especially if you’re considering a treatment that is invasive or risky. Consult your doctor beforehand about your options.

He or she can let you know what is available out there to help you get a larger erection, from natural ways like using a penis pump or possibly through surgical intervention. Your doctor can inform you about the risks involved with any type of enlargement therapy and suggest alternatives if some options aren’t right for you.

Don’t try to enlarge your genitals on your own with creams, pills or penis pumps because you may end up doing more harm than good. While creams, pills and pumps may be part of your treatment plan, having your doctor’s okay first will give you the confidence to know that you’re being safe and smart so you don’t end up hurting yourself.

Common Treatments For A Micropenis

Testosterone Therapy

Usually, testosterone therapy is tried first since it is considered the safest and least invasive way to treat extremely small genitals. A man on testosterone therapy to increase his size may take hormone supplements or use hormone creams, and this type of medication can be prescribed to infants in rare cases where the problem is noticed at a much younger age.

Testosterone therapy can also be used during puberty to help increase size, before the window for actual, true penis growth closes.

Surgical Procedures

Surgical procedures to enlarge the genitals are very rarely used, because it’s a risky treatment option and the length of the shaft doesn’t increase that much. A man undergoing surgical lengthening of the penile shaft may only gain a few centimeters, or an inch or so at most.

Penile implants may be an option if you’re just going for raw length, but there are caveats to any surgical procedure you might be considering. Talk with your doctor (or several doctors) about the right options for you – before you have anyone come near your genitals with a scalpel!

Can You Have Sex With A Micropenis?

The better question here is can a man lead a fully satisfying sex life with a micropenis, and the answer is yes! Actual vaginal penetration and intercourse can be difficult, especially if the shaft is really short. However, there are lots of ways you can experience satisfying, fulfilling sex with your partner without vaginal intercourse:

  • Give and receive oral sex
  • Finger her and allow her to give you a handjob
  • Bring sex toys in the bedroom and use them on each other
  • Try different sex positions – you may not be able to have intercourse in the missionary position (especially if you or your partner are bigger around the middle), but you may be able to have intercourse just fine in the doggy style position. Experiment and have fun!

Learning To Accept Yourself

If you have a micropenis – or just very small genitals – it’s easy to be down on yourself or wonder if you’re ever going to meet a woman who wants to be with you – or who can be sexually satisfied by you. Don’t worry so much about what women may think. Learn to accept yourself and love yourself for who you are and how you were made. If you have self confidence – and know how to please a woman orally or with sex toys – she’s not going to care about your size.

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