What Is Great Sex?


What is it about sex (besides that it’s fun and amazing) that makes it great? I mean, what is great sex to you?

All of us have different versions of great sex, each with different emotions that are conveyed during sex. Some people like dirty talk. Some people like romantic talk.

Connecting With Your Partner

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I’ve got to tell you that to me, though, great sex is when you connect with somebody on all levels – emotionally, mentally and physically. Great sex is also when you feel so at ease with each other’s minds, bodies, and souls that you are able to explore each other totally and everything feels great. Really great sex involves both the anticipation of what’s happening in the moment and what’s going to happen next.

What is so interesting to me about the concept of great sex, is that in my lifetime I want to be able to continuously get to new levels with people. I don’t want the same sex forever. I don’t want the same type of relationships forever.

As I go through the cycles of life and the cycles of relationships, I get to know myself better and better over time. What that means is that I am going to be able to give more of myself when the right person comes into my life.

When it comes down to sex, I don’t want to experience the same thing over and over again. I want to feel things I’ve never felt before, and I want to experience a connection that’s deeper, more erotic and more passionate that I’ve ever had previously.

I don’t want the same, because nothing in life should ever be the same. Life should be about getting to new levels, getting deeper with you and getting deeper with your partner.

What Do You Like During Sex?

Some people say they like to kiss during sex. Have you ever kissed somebody during sex, though, where your mouths are so hungry for each other that as you kiss you feel like your whole body is connected from head to toe?

I’m talking about the kind of kiss that is so deep, so passionate and so hungry, that as you’re moving together the kiss is a truly bonding thing. It’s like your souls are so hungry to taste one another, that you just can’t control yourselves.

What is great sex for you? I know for me, it’s everything I’ve just been listing. I know what I want. What I want is the most incredible connection I can possibly feel.

Have you ever had sex with someone and after only the first few times, you can’t believe it’s only been a few times because you feel (in a really good way) like you’ve been having sex with them forever? You feel like you’ve been having sex with them forever because you immediately started learning each other’s bodies and really letting go, and you’re so comfortable with them that you feel like you’ve been connected with their soul and their body forever. At the same time you also know that there are so many other places you want to go with them.

Truly Great Sex

Truly great sex (the kind I’m describing) is something I don’t think happens that often. I think you can have a great and sexually satisfying experience with a lot of people, but I think it’s much more rare to have great sex – the kind where you souls are talking to each other – with someone.

So to me, truly great sex is where your souls are not only connecting, but you know deep down in your heart and soul that you are with a person with whom you can experience things that are more passionate, more erotic and more sensual than with anyone else you’ve ever been with before them. It is almost like you have saved a piece of yourself for this person.

It is like you waited to give that last bit of yourself until you found that someone who just blows you away on an unprecedented soulful and passionate level. The truth is that I think all of us should hold back just a little piece of ourselves until we find that person who has all the keys to unlock all of our secrets.

This kind of great sex is what I strive to have. As a matter of fact, I’m having it now.

What are you having in your life right now? This is what your journey to meet the opposite sex is really all about – this is why you’re learning how to flirt with members of the opposite sex.

You are doing it so you can float on a magic carpet ride. Have you ever moved somebody where every time you move, you feel their soul and their body moving with you in such a rhythm that you feel like you are floating while still 100% connected with that person?

Let’s open up the dialog today and talk about this. Let’s stay on topic, and let’s talk about great sex.

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