What Matters Most To Women During Sex


Sex tips are essential for all guys to learn what matters most to women. Men are obsessed with the position you do it in, how long you last, or whether or not you give her an orgasm. What matters most to her is YOU! A woman’s relationship with her man is often times the main reason behind her lack of interest in sex and inability to achieve an orgasm.

Although she could be displeased with her man in the bedroom, her lack of sexual desire and orgasms is usually related to much more than his faulty techniques and inability to give her an orgasm.

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The good news is that such problems can be resolved. But for that to happen, you must be willing and able. So if she does not have a desire for sex and ability to have an orgasm is lacking, take a deep breath, blow it out, and find comfort in knowing that this problem can be fixed. Neither of you are doomed to a sex life without pleasure.

In fact, if you follow all of the steps you will be able to provide her with what she needs to “want” to have sex and to achieve orgasm. The following sex tips are a few things you can do to help ease any tension that may exist between the two of you and open her mind to exploring new sexual terrain with you:

Don’t Be Negative

If you accuse your partner of being frigid or lying there like a cold, dead fish, you’ll cause her to retreat from sex even more. So do the opposite. Lift her self-esteem and shower her with compliments (sexual and otherwise). Help her to feel comfortable about talking about her sexual issues with you by sharing all of the positive thoughts you have about her.

Don’t Pressure Her Into Having An Orgasm

Pressuring your lady to have an orgasm when she doesn’t feel like it will only make her want to avoid it more. Remove the pressure by making it clear to her that you will never get upset with her or offended if she doesn’t have an orgasm or doesn’t feel like having sex. If pressuring her, sulking or getting angry is what you’ve typically done in the past, let her know those days are over and never do it again!

Discuss The Issue With Her

Find some quiet time to have a talk with your lady about her difficulty achieving an orgasm. Tell her you’ve noticed that she doesn’t seem to climax as often as you would like for her to. Ask her why, and be sure she knows you are only trying to get some answers, not make her feel bad. Ask her some pointed questions: Is she tired or do your methods need some improvement?

Does she want more foreplay? Would a sensual massage help? Provide her with support if her inability to orgasm is due to a painful past. Let your lady know you understand. Tell her you understand how painful it must be for her. Encourage her to talk to a counselor who specializes in sexual problems in women.

Be sure not to force her to tell you every sordid detail about her experience. But let her know that you are there for her if she wants to talk. Never judge her, and do your best to avoid offering her advice. Just listen and provide her with lots of nonsexual hugs.

Tell Her How Much You Love Her

A woman never tires of hearing her man say, “I love you.” And a woman who feels loved and secure will be more likely to relax and trust enough to allow you to satisfy her deepest desires. There’s a lot you can do to sexually arouse her and provide your girl with the stimulation she needs to have an orgasm.

Just keep in mind that it doesn’t happen overnight. If bringing her to a female orgasm has been a challenge in the past, then it’s going to take some time, effort, understanding, and practice before you are able to give her the Big O.

But that’s not all it’s going to take. It’s also going to take lots of KNOWLEDGE! And that’s exactly what you’re getting by reading this book. So keep reading—the best has yet to come (no pun intended)!

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