What Men Need To Know About Women, Sex And Emotions


Does your girlfriend or wife think you are a good lover? This is the question that most men find difficult to answer. On one hand, your girl probably shows all signs of being aroused and pleased when you are inside the bedroom getting it on. On the other hand, you noticed she does not climax sometimes and it has been bothering you.

What most guys don’t know is that sex for women is absolutely related to the emotions. It’s about caressing and kissing, of course, but there has to be a deeper meaning to it. For instance, if a girl is mad about something you did and you think just going through normal foreplay will “cure” her animosity, you’re wrong. You have to make sure she has forgiven you to some extent before she can really put out during your lovemaking. Here are some more tips on how to understand the emotional side of sex.

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There are three emotions that contribute a lot to a woman’s pleasure during lovemaking. If you always think of these things while you’re making love, there’s no way you’re going to fail as a lover.


Women have many ideas on what a good lover is, but any guy they sleep with can become a great lover if he can be romantic during sex. How can you pull this off? Tell her you love her, or whisper in her ear during sex. Make sure your caresses are lingering and your kisses are more passionate.


Have you ever wondered why some couples can do a lot of perverted stuff inside the bedroom? Think about it. How can ordinary couples do S&M like it’s the most natural thing to do when they’re alone? The secret has a lot to do with the trust that the woman has for the man. Think about this the next time you feel like bringing handcuffs (or a whip) to bed. The point is, you’re more likely to bring out your woman’s wild side if she trusts you completely.


A good lover must be able to make a woman feel sexy during sex, and the best way to do this is to make sure you really look at your partner’s eyes and body while you’re doing it.

A woman knows that her body isn’t perfect, but it’s extremely gratifying if you show how turned on you are by her body despite that fact. Touch her most sensitive areas along with the parts of her body that she’s most self-conscious about. Assure her that she looks sexy no matter what she’s wearing.

It is a shame that some men think sex is only about the physical. Well, I can’t blame you. Men and women react differently to sexual stimulation. However, if you really want to be her best lover ever, you have to pay attention to her emotions and the way you react to the things she tells you during sex, either through her words or through her actions.

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