4 Things NOT To Do To Your Man In The Bedroom

Spice Up Your Sex Life

There are tons of sex tips out there that tell you what you should be doing in the bedroom, what you need to try and how to make your sex life hotter. But there aren’t a lot of tips out there that tell you what not to do to your guy in the bedroom and many girls end up making some serious sexual mistakes simply because they don’t know any better. Rarely will these mistakes cost you a guy, but it’s possible. Here’s what to avoid in the bedroom so you can keep things going smoothly.

Spanking Or Slapping (Or Biting) Without Permission

Lots of guys love spanking, slapping and biting during sex and lots of girls love it too. But there are definitely some guys that think spanking, slapping and biting should never enter the budior. How can you tell if your man likes or doesn’t like getting a little slap on his tush as he’s thrusting without straight up asking him? You can’t. You might be tempted to try it in the heat of the moment, but doing so can definitely backfire on you if he’s not into whatever you did. In fact, it could kill the mood right then and there. If you want to try spanking or even biting, ask permission first. Let him know that it really turns you on and you’d love to try it with him. Chances are, he’ll give you the green light and enjoy it, but you definitely don’t want to suprise him out of the blue with something like that.

Calling Him Weird Names

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Ok, most girls know this one but here it is for the few who aren’t sure. Don’t ever call him “Daddy” in the bedroom. Ever. Really, ever. And the same goes for strange names for him or his penis, including “manmeat, man sausage, horse penis, etc.” You get the picture. Although many of these strange names for different parts of his anatomy or nicknames for him crop up in erotic novels or porn, they actually don’t do that well in the bedroom in real life. Seriously, do you want him calling your vagina a “love hole” or telling you that he enjoys licking your “love juices” off your thighs? Instead, find better ways to tell him what you like or talk dirty to him. If nothing comes to mind, a few simple moans and groans will suffice. Anything is better than calling his member “man sausage.”

Forgetting To Use Lube

Believe it or not, lots of girls forget to use lube when giving a handjob or even when they’re having sex. Sure, when having sex, the vagina will naturally help lubricate things (rarely is it enough though) but forgetting to use lube when giving a hand job is a carnal no-no. Your guy might be too shy to tell you that it doesn’t feel good or even that it hurts, making you think that you’re doing fine when you’re actually ripping the skin off his penis. Ok, not really, but you get the idea. Handjobs without lube hurts. Sex without a good amount of lube hurts too. It’s much better to be safe than sorry, so keep a bottle of lube by the bed or a travel size bottle in your purse. It may sound silly, but you’ll be so glad you did. And so will he.

Forgetting How To Spit (Or Swallow) Discreetly

When giving a blowjob, you have to find something to do with his semen once he ejaculates. There are several options for you to choose from, however, it’s important to decide what you want to do before it actually happens. If you freeze up when he ejaculates because you don’t have a plan, you may very well ruin his orgasm. If you like to swallow, go for it. This is the easiest way to go and it’s virtually mess free. Just keep a glass of water by the bed if you do. If you want to spit, come prepared with a towel and do so discreetly after he’s enjoyed his orgasm. If you don’t want semen in your mouth at all, come prepared with some flavored lube that you can use when he’s close you can back off for a handjob when he’s about to have an orgasm. Whatever you choose to do, make sure you know what you’re going to do beforehand and come prepared. You could be the best blowjob giver in the world but if you choke when it comes to finishing him off smoothly and seamlessly, you really could ruin everything.

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