What To Do When He Lasts TOO Long In Bed


Sex is fun, but does it stop being exciting when your partner lasts forever and can’t reach orgasm quickly? After going at it for awhile, it a woman can become unaroused and lose her lubrication, making it uncomfortable to continue with penetration. Here’s how to deal with someone that lasts too long.

Question: Me and my girlfriend really enjoy each other during sex, but thing is that I last around 30 or 45 minutes. I know that’s great, but sometimes she gets tired. She orgasms great but after a while she gets tired and sometimes I feel that I am pushing her to finish me off. Sometimes I think that after she gets done, she is not enjoying it – even though she insists on finishing me. We have a great time, but should I stop? What can I do?

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An Orgasm Doesn’t Have To Happen During Intercourse

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A lot of people get stuck on the notion that you have to have an orgasm during intercourse for sex to be good. This couldn’t be farther from the truth! While reaching climax during sex with your partner is definitely a great way to enjoy it and bond with your significant other, you can orgasm in other ways and still have just as much fun.

For example, if you always have an orgasm during oral sex but don’t have one during intercourse, have your lover give you a blowjob after sex. This way, she gets hers and afterwards, you get yours too. Even though you didn’t both have an orgasm during penetration, you both still leave sexually satisfied.

Try Using A Good Lubricant

Using a good, water based lube that lasts a long time is essential if you can’t reach orgasm quickly through penetration. There’s no reason to stop if your partner is comfortable, and keeping her moist down there will make sure that she doesn’t start to chafe. You want to reapply lube often – you really can’t overuse the stuff. Adequate lubrication will keep intercourse from becoming uncomfortable or painful, so unless she’s tired, she’ll be happy to keep going so you can get yours too.

Try A Sensitizing Lube

There are all kinds of lube out there, and many of them can help you have a faster, harder and more pleasurable climax. Sensitizing lubes are made with ingredients that stimulate blood flow to the penis (or the vagina in a woman’s case), allowing a person to feel each touch in amazing detail. It’s like HDTV for your penis!

Is Your Foreplay Missing?

It’s hard to switch your brain and body from thinking about work or things on your to-do list to thinking about sex. Some guys don’t have any problem with this because they think about sex most of the time, but other guys may take longer to get into the groove of things. This might be responsible for taking a long time to reach climax. In this case, all that may be needed is a little foreplay to get yourself really ramped up before sex with your partner. If you’re already aroused before you start, it won’t have as far to go to reach orgasm.

Vidoes Or Magazines

Guys are visual, so sometimes getting it on with the lights off just doesn’t do it for them. Take your natural need for visual stimulation during sex into account when you try to figure out the cause of your inability to orgasm quickly. Are you getting it with your partner?

Try turning the lights on during sex so you can see what’s going on – or watch a porn flick or look at an erotic magazine with your lover. Be creative and find ways to stimulate yourself visually during sex. You’ll most likely find that you’re able to have an orgasm more quickly if your eyeballs are involved too.

Bring In The Sex Toys

If a woman has trouble reaching orgasm, she might try using sex toys with her partner to help her have a climax. Why not do the same for a man? There are lots of sex toys for boys out there, from cock rings to masturbation sleeves and more. Remember that you and your lover don’t have to orgasm together during intercourse – be openminded to try different ways of pleasuring each other. For example, have your partner use a lubed up masturbation sleeve on you while you watch a naughty video – even better if she’s filmed one of herself beforehand.

Communicate With Your Partner

If a woman can’t get her man off during sex, she’s probably going to take it personally. Let her know that there’s nothing wrong with what she’s doing and that she doesn’t have to finish you if she’s not up for it. Tell your lover that you can take matters into your own hands if you need to, and you can even make her a part of it by inviting her to watch or participate in mutual masturbation.

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