What Your Man Is Really Thinking When You’re Between The Sheets


Sex is super fun for both guys and gals, but have you ever wondered what is actually going on up in that man-brain of his? Have you ever wondered just what he’s thinking about when you’re giving him a blowjob or riding him all night long? Here’s sex from his point of view.

You’re Hot

Your guy thinks you’re hot. Period. He wouldn’t be with you if he didn’t find you attractive – period! Men are visual and need visual stimulation to be turned on – it’s against his genetic code for him to be with someone he doesn’t think is physically beautiful or good looking.

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You’re probably thinking “Well, that’s because I take care to hide my cellulite” or “We never have sex with the lights on, so he doesn’t have the chance to actually see me.” Forget that crap. He likes you with your cellulite. Fact is, he was probably so mesmerized by your jiggling ass that he didn’t notice the cellulite. See the difference? You may think your jiggly ass is ugly – he thinks it’s jiggly, fun to play with and sexy. So forget your flaws and embrace yourself!

You Should Be More Into It

Even if you’re really into it, he probably still thinks you should be more into it. Enthusiasm is like, 50% of sex, at least. Think about it this way – guys are used to watching porn, where women scream, pant, beg and LOVE sex. Yeah, that’s their job and they’re getting paid pretty damn well to do it – but being into sex with your lover is actually YOUR job.

Make an effort to step up your involvement during sex. Talk dirty, make more noise and whisper his name. Act like the only thing in the world you want to be doing is HIM – and nothing else. Be totally in the moment and he’ll love it! Being in the moment and allowing yourself to become consumed with pleasure is also a great way to enhance sex for you too!

You’re Still Hot

Yes, he really thinks you’re hot. Really, really. Especially during sex. Believe it. But don’t ask your guy – he’ll think it’s a trap and be afraid to answer with anything but “yes.” Of course, the truthful answer IS “yes,” but it will still scare the crap out of him.

You Should Be More Naked

If it hasn’t sunk in that guys are visual when it comes to sex, go watch a porno flick. They’re designed to cater to a man’s need to see things that are sexual – and most films do a pretty good job of that. Unless you’re wearing nothing but your birthday suit, he’s probably thinking that you should be more naked. When you get dressed for work in the morning, it pains him to see you put clothes on, because he’s thinking you should be more naked.

If you’re wearing clothes, he’s thinking about taking them off. If you’re wearing lingerie, he’s still considering taking it off. Get more naked and he won’t complain. Ever.

Can’t Wait For You To Orgasm

Your fella LOVES it when you reach climax. As much as he loves sex and his own orgasm, he loves to see you orgasm even more. (The guys that seemingly only care about their own pleasure lack only one thing – the knowledge of how to give YOU the big O). He loves everything about your orgasm, from the heavy breathing to your eyes rolling back in your head to the sounds you make. He loves it even more when you totally lose control!

He craves seeing that primal side of you, so don’t downplay your orgasm or stay quiet. Feel free to let loose completely and let your body do whatever it’s going to do – moan, thrash, grind and gasp for air. He will drink up every bit of it.

You Should Try New Things

Variety is the spice of sex, but that doesn’t mean that you have to go nuts and start trying really weird stuff. While some guys have some freaky sex fantasies, many men have fantasies that are totally tame. He just wants you to mix it up a little so he doesn’t get bored.

So try getting your freak on and give him an impromptu handjob the next time you are on a date at the movie theater. Whisper something in his ear at dinner that makes him think of sex. Don’t wear panties under your skirt and slide his hand underneath to let him feel your wetness. Use your creativity and imagination and always be doing something different. You want to keep him on his toes!

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