What’s The Best Time To Have Sex?


When I was younger, the only answer I could think of when the question “what’s the best time to have sex” crops up is “during my period when it’s impossible to get pregnant. But now, with the adult working knowledge I have of safe sex practices, my answer to the same question has changed. Now, it’s “when we both feel like having sex.”

However, you know that the “mood” seldom comes simultaneously for you and your man during a normal workweek because there’s so much stuff to think about. On Monday, you have chores after work. On Tuesday, you have to do overtime. Before you know it, the weekend has rolled in and all you want to do is rest.

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Here’s the thing – you have to make time for sex. Sex can keep you emotionally grounded and physically intimate with your partner. How do you find time to make love? Here are some tips!

Early In The Morning

Set your alarm clock an hour or so earlier than usual and spend thirty minutes pleasuring each other before you go to work. Make the early mornings your “sex time,” or at least your “foreplay time” so that you spend the day full of thoughts about your special someone, and you’re raring for more when night time comes.

On Friday Night

Unwind with your partner by having leisurely sex on Fridays. You are more relaxed because you know there is no need to go to the office the next day. In addition, you can ravish your partner all you want because he is looking for a way to de-stress, and you have the right skills to help him do just that. Give him a blowjob while he is recounting the events that happened during the week.

On Sunday Afternoon

Sundays are often devoted to sports, but that does not mean he always has to have his friends around to keep him company while he is watching the game. You can tell him to watch the game in your bedroom and you can blow or fondle him during the most exciting part of the game. Chances are, he’s going to want sex immediately after the game to celebrate the win (if his team won), or to let off some steam (if his team lost).

There are always some strategies you can try to keep the sex going. Plan ahead and take note of the days when he’s not too busy. Do the chores during the weekdays so you will have more free time on weekends. Do not think that just because you’re both busy all the time, it’s impossible to have sweet, leisurely sex.

If you plan your schedule well, you can make time for intimacy and you can have that “WOW!” experience with your partner at least once a week. If you’re instigating intimacy, and he acts like he isn’t in the mood, you can try talking dirty to him or giving him an erotic massage.

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