Who Doesn’t Want Better Sex?


Sex is the most gratifying thing that a man and a woman can share. It’s supposed to be filled with excitement. Everyone has an idea of what great sex is, but there are times when sex isn’t as great as you want it to be. Maybe it’s because your partner is not in the mood and she was sort of just going with the flow because you wanted it so bad. Maybe it’s because you’re always thinking of ways to pleasure your girl but you end up failing every time. There are so many things that affect your performance in the bedroom. Read on to discover what these factors are and how you can make sex better for you and your girl.

Prepare Your Room

Lack of preparation will kill the mood.

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Before you even go out on a date with the girl you want to have sex with, have a plan in mind. This will help you prepare for the eventuality that she will come back with you to your place. No girl will find pleasure in making love inside a pig sty so make sure you tidy up, buy some condoms, arrange the bed and clear the clutter. Ironically, doing these things will help you become more spontaneous. Imagine not having to worry about where you can go after your date.

Preparing your room, and yourself, for the inevitable will help with escalating from the normal date to a full-blown hook up.

Try Something Different

Great sex is almost always defined as “something different.”

To a woman, this means you should surprise her by doing something else other than the usual man-on-top position. Learn some kinky sex positions, or put a mirror near the bed. If you’ve never tried sex while still wearing clothes, this is the best time to try. You never know; you might even discover a hidden wild side just by trying something kinky like bringing out a sex toy or asking the girl to roleplay with you.

Dirty Talk

Verbal seduction is a great way to improve sex.

Dirty talking has always been a “feature” of kinky sex, but believe me, I know a lot of men who won’t go there because they think it’s disrespectful to women. However, if your girl enjoys it, you should try it out.

How do you know she’s into that? One way to know for sure whether the girl likes it or not is to ask her leading questions such as, “do you like it when I do this to you” and watching for signs that she likes it when you talk that way. A girl is very sensual, and erotic talk tops the list of “major turn ons in bed.”

If you want to be better in bed, here’s a final reminder for you. Whatever you do, don’t think about your past failures to perform in bed. Just relax and make it work by always keeping tabs on what the girl is feeling, and more importantly, how she is responding to your actions while you’re making out.

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