Why Flowers And Jewelry Are Murdering Your Sex Life


Have you ever sprung for a fancy night out on the town, a lavish bouquet of flowers or a piece of sparkly jewelry that makes your paycheck want to shrivel up and commit ritual suicide, thinking it was going to light a MAJOR fire in your sex life?

Only to find yourself hours later, feeling frustrated, horny and ripped off, staring at the ceiling, cursing your hard on and wondering why the night of head-board-cracking passion you were desperately dreaming of failed to materialize?

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If you have, you sure as heck ain’t alone!

“I ain’t saying’ she’s a gold digger , but she ain’t messing with no broke bloke” – Kanye West

“Are those space pants? Because they make your ass look out of this WORLD” – Unknown.

Fact is a the world is chock full guys who have been brainwashed into thinking that the way to turn a woman on (whether she’s your wife, your girlfriend or even just that hot and sultry check out girl who always mangles your bread with such erotic passion) is by “being romantic” and “buying her stuff.”

Why Buying Romantic Stuff Won’t Get You Laid

  • It’s totally insulting to women and paints them as “gold diggers” who’s motors go into overdrive thanks to physical things (I think you can agree with me if you’re on this site that women are sexy, wonderful, awesome and smell great.)
  • It’s complete and utter BULLSHIT.

No Woman Can Really Be Seduced By Flowers

Despite what the romance industry and “Sex In The City” would tell you, NO WOMAN actually gets turned on by flowers (or by jewelry, or by super-price tickets to Cats. Actually, tickets to Cats might be grounds for divorce in some states.)

Now, I’m not saying your wife (or girlfriend or the mail carrier with the delectable thighs) won’t sleep with you if you shell out a lot of cash for on her.

A lot of women, when faced with a big bouquet, a bottle (or three) of good wine or a rock that makes your monthly mortgage look like pocket change will lay back and LET you make sweet (boring) love them out of a sense of duty or gratitude.

But There’s a Huge Difference Between Gratitude and LUST

Out of a sense of GRATITUDE, your wife (or girlfriend or that one waitress with the sexy limp) might LET you have your way with her .

But she probably won’t ENJOY it. She won’t BRAG to her friends about what an amazing lover you are and she won’t count down the moments until the next time she can pounce on you like a lioness digging into a porterhouse steak.

Bringing back my high school algebra, the equation is:

“Materialistic Romance” = “Sense of Gratitude and Duty” = Boring “by the numbers” sex where you think about porn stars and she thinks about knitting, or no sex at all because you’re both “too tired” and “married people don’t have that much sex anyway.”

Getting into her lizard brain and TURNING HER ON = Overwhelming, logic-killing lust = Silly grins, swishing hips, orgasms that make you pass out and the kind of cheat-proof marriage that builds nations and rolls back unfair taxation.

Pretty big difference, huh?

So how do you actually TURN YOUR WOMAN ON?

You don’t do it by “buying her stuff.”

How To REALLY Turn Her On

You’ve probably heard this before, but a woman’s biggest erogenous zone is her MIND (while a man’s biggest erogenous zone is his stomach. Wait, that’s probably not quite right.)

And the biggest way to “tickle” that erogenous zone – blowing past all her defenses, making her feel like you’re the ONE MAN who understands how to turn her on and get her so hot and ready she eye-f*cks the check out boy at the supermarket – is with stories and WORDS .

The simple fact is if you can TALK to your woman, draw her attention to the fires burning in her body and engage her imagination, you’ll have the “bed-destroying” sex you’ve been craving since your honeymoon, and that no amount of flowers, overpriced entrees or blood diamonds can ever replicate.

I’ll be teaching you some specifics about how to use language to turn any woman on in my next few articles.

In the meantime…

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