Will A Condom Break If You Have Sex In A Hot Tub?


Sex in a hot tub can be super fun, but sex that’s not safe isn’t. You can have a lot more fun if you know that you’re protected from sexually transmitted diseases and unwanted pregnancy. Condoms are your best bet for safe sex, but can you use one in the water or will it get damaged?

Question: I’ve been a loyal fan of your YouTube channel for ages now and my girl and I were thinking about having sex in a hot tub. I was wondering if wearing a condom while in the water would cause it to bust or would we encounter any other problems? Thanks for taking time to read my question!

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Water Is Not A Lubricant

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Many people think that if you’re having sex in the water that you don’t need lube, however, quite the opposite is true and especially if you’re using a condom. Water isn’t going to provide enough lubrication inside a woman’s vaginal canal, and if she’s too dry and there is too much friction, it can easily be damaged.

Use a thicker, water or silicone based lube when you’re doing it in the tub or when you’re having sex in the shower, lake or pool. You might be tempted to use an oil based lubricant because you know that oil is resistant to water, however, oil based lube is definitely not compatible with any kind of latex condom. You can use oil based lube with a polyurethane condom, but unless you have a latex allergy and can’t wear regular prophylactics, latex is your best bet for the most comfort and the tightest fit.

You don’t have to use a whole lot of lubricant when you’re getting it on where it’s already wet, but a condom isn’t going to do you any good if there’s so much friction that it busts. A little lube goes a long way here!

Chlorine And Heat Can Affect The Latex

Even if you use a good lubricant during sex in the tub, the heat and chlorine in the tub alone can cause the latex to deteriorate. You may want to try different sex positions in the tub that keep your penis mostly out of the water, such as doggy style with her propped up on the ledge of the tub.

If you’re concerned about the chemicals in the tub affecting a condom, try reducing the amount of chlorine additives you put in. Test the pH regularly to make sure that you’re adding enough, but try to get by with as little as possible. You may also want to turn the heat down some – the hotter it is, the more risk you may be taking that the material will become damaged and disintegrate.

Avoid Oils

Oil is another component that causes latex to disintegrate, and surprisingly enough, there are often oils found in the water of a Jacuzzi. This is because people with suntan oils or sunscreen on their skin will get in the tub, and some of it will come off while they’re soaking. Some bubble baths or additives can also contain oils, so be careful of what you put into your tub.

Don’t Put The Condom On While In The Water

If you plan on wearing a condom while you’re having sex in a hot tub, make sure you put it on first, before you get into the water. This is because if you accidentally get liquid inside the rubber while putting it on – which CAN happen no matter how careful you think you’re being – it can bust or slide off when you’re having sex.

Remember That No Method Is Perfect

Safe sex is all about reducing your risk of contracting STD’s or getting pregnant – there’s no true way to completely eliminate your risk without giving up sex entirely. Abstinence is the only true 100% safe “sex.” That said, understand that you’re taking a risk when you’re having sex at all, whether it be in a bed, a shower, the car or a Jacuzzi.

Using condoms during sex regardless of where you do it at is a lot safer than not using one at all. This is true for sex in the Jacuzzi also – even though oils and chlorine in the water may cause the latex to disintegrate or liquid may get in it and cause it to slip off – you’re still a LOT better off if you’re using a condom than if you don’t.

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