Will Friends With Benefits Work?


Sex can be hard to come by if you’re not in a relationship – so can you be in a “friends with benefits” arrangement? Will it work?

Does a “friends with benefits” arrangement ever work? That is to say, can it stay purely friendly and sexual? I’m thinking of “diving in” with one of my best guy pals. I think we’d be a hot match in bed but I don’t want to lose his friendship.

What She Said:

A “friends with benefits” agreement can work, with some trust and communication. It can definitely provide a fun outlet for sex while you both wait to meet people with whom you’d like to get serious.

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Will It Take An Emotional Toll On You?

Hot sex is awesome – and good for you! However, emotional health is an equally important component. If your best guy pal is into taking the leap, make sure to have a talk to set physical and emotional boundaries. What those will be are up to the two of you, but here are a few suggestions.

Practice Safe Sex

Getting sexually involved with someone is always a big deal, even if you plan to keep it casual. Ideally this means getting tested for STD’s before becoming physical, as well as using protection once you embark on this new part of your friendship. You’ll both have to take emotions into account as well. You’ll want to discuss how much you’ll be hanging out, if there will be calls in between, as well as rules for dating other people.

Reserve The Right To Change Your Mind

You’ve said you don’t want to lose his friendship, so be sure you’re clear why you want to turn your connection sexual. If you’re secretly looking to fall in love, this is the wrong way to go about it. How will it feel when one of you meets someone else? If the thought of him with another girl makes you catch your breath, hold off on the casual sex and ask him out on a proper date.

If you’re truly attracted to him with no emotional undertones, you’ve got a clearer situation on your hands. Having sex with someone, especially over a period of time, usually creates emotional attachment. Be aware of this and check in with yourself often. If you feel you’re in the clear emotionally, go have fun!

What He Said:

Sure, it works. For a while. FWB is like a milk carton, it is only good for a while, then it will expire and go bad. You have to throw it out before then. Trouble is, FWB doesn’t have an expiration date clearly posted on it, and a milk carton does. Know that this is for the short term and quit while your ahead.

It Might Get Weird

If you don’t end it early, one of you will develop feelings for the other and thus kill the whole FWB arrangement, and then it will get weird. Or one of you will find a serious relationship partner outside the FWB situation you’ve got and the other will get jealous.

Have An Exit Strategy

You can do this, just not for very long. Have ground rules and a firm exit strategy in place before you enter the bedroom and you should be fine. If you don’t, you’ll pay for it. Sure, it may be an awkward conversation, but well worth it. Sure you can drive your car without insurance, and you might not get in an accident, but what if you do? Do the leg work first. You’ll be glad you did.

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