Will Sex Fix Our Relationship? How To Know If Having Sex Will Prevent A Break Up


Sex is a very intimate event. It could be the key to renewing your love for each other. At the very least, you’re thinking that the same emotions you experienced the first time you made love will all come back. Sex is a common way to reconnect with your man on the physical and emotional level. If your relationship is on the rocks and you’re looking for a quick way to fix it, you’re probably thinking of using sex as a way to re-establish ties with your man.

So, can sex prevent a break up? It may, but only if the other relationship issues are fixed first. If intimacy is lacking in your relationship, the problem may be deeper than you think. Forcing yourself or your partner to engage in sexual activities won’t solve anything. It may even make matters worse. Use sex wisely. Don’t overdo it. Moreover, don’t make your partner feel that sex between the two of you is a cheap toy you play around with whenever you feel like it.

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In a sense, sex is your trump card. It’s a way to celebrate the renewed understanding you have for each other. Let sex seal the deal for you, and don’t just treat it as a cure-all for your many relationship problems.

Here’s a list of the things you have to fix in your relationship before you can use sex to patch things up.

Financial Problems

Does your man have a grudge against you because you’re trampling on his pride as a provider? Do you shove the fact that you’re earning more than him to his face? If there are hidden financial problems between you and your lover, find a way to deal with them so that there’s one less issue you have to worry about.

Trust Issues

It’s easy to think your man might be cheating on you if intimacy is lacking. However, for the sake of your relationship, always give your partner the benefit of the doubt. Believe him when he says there’s no one else. And, don’t fly off the handle and hook up with another guy just because you think your partner is doing something shady.

Communication Issues

As a rule, you must always say what you mean. The key to staying in a transparent relationship is to be completely open about what you mean. Be gracious when your partner does something good, and be tactful but stern when you see something you don’t like. Miscommunication is the worst thing that can come between you and your partner, and the misunderstandings caused by not being open result in bad sex.

Sex used haphazardly can’t fix your love problems, but if you use it as a catalyst for the change you’re starting by fixing the things I stated above, it will prevent a break up. Think of sex as a sweet reward after you and your partner make up. You can also use it to celebrate a milestone, like when you feel particularly good about something (you got a promotion, you finally completed your mortgage payments etc.) and you want to share that happiness with your partner.

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