Working On Frustration With Sex


If you are struggling with the issue of sexual give and take, and you think every woman but you is lucky enough to have a man who wants to please them sexually, you might be one of the women who are dealing with sexual frustration. What is sexual frustration exactly? It’s that feeling of being left out, being used and being disregarded as soon as the sex is “over” (which means he has reached orgasm).

Sexual frustration also means you are struggling to hold onto your relationship, even if you just do not enjoy the sex anymore. If you cannot believe you are in this situation now when it used to be so romantic and good, here are some tips for you…

Start Demanding, But Mind The Mood

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There is a way to demand something in bed that sounds sexy to a man. I’m not talking about laying down ‘ground rules’ or giving him an ultimatum during sex. Being a demanding vixen can be sexy if you feel sexy. That’s where it all starts.

Why not start dressing sexier? Wear a kinky outfit that doubles as a sexual suggestion. You have seen silk body stockings with buttons down the crotch right? Wearing something like that while you’re demanding to get eaten out will make your demands sound more like a sexy suggestion than an actual order.

Start Roleplaying

When the sexual tension is up (he knows you’re going to do it and you’re doing all things that indicate “sex is coming”), you can start talking like you would inside your sexual fantasies. If you plan on wearing a French maid costume and acting like his sex slave (because that is a fantasy of yours), start calling him “monsieur” the moment he comes out of the shower. This will set the mood and will get him excited enough to do anything you want him to do.

“Me” Time

Here’s the scenario. Your man thinks he is the best, and he is blissfully unaware that you have not had an orgasm during sex for a year now. It won’t help to rub this in his face during a fight (when you could be rubbing something else on his face!). Suggest a “me” time for the two of you, instead.

This means that he gets Friday nights and you get Saturday nights. During this “me” time, one partner becomes the other’s love slave, and he has to do what the other wants unquestioningly. I’ll leave it up to you to decide whether you want to go first or if you want to let him go first. Remember, the one who gets Saturday as “me” time can demand payback for what happened the night before.

Men are pretty easy to manipulate in bed, if you know what to do. Increasing sexual romance is a healing salve to your ailing relationship, and these three techniques I taught you today would definitely help with sexual frustration.

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