10 Beginner’s Sex Toys You’ve GOT To Have (If You’re A Novice)


Sex toys can be intimidating if you’ve never used them before. This is especially true for virgin girls who wish to masturbate but aren’t sure what kind of product to get, or for men who have never used masturbating sleeves or other “toys for boys” before and aren’t sure where to begin. If you’re just starting to use sex toys, here are the ones you definitely want to try!

Lots Of Lube

Lube is extremely important to use when playing with sex toys. In fact, it’s also great to use during sex but many people that haven’t made the foray into sex toys have never tried using lube before either! Whether you’re having sex with a partner or masturbating with a vibrator, even just a dab of lube will make things slip and slide much better. Of course, the wetter the better so lots of lube is preferred, especially with anal sex!

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Recommendation: Astroglide! It’s basic, easy to use and has been used for years. It’s an all around great lube to use that is safe for both sex toys and use with condoms.

A Masturbation Sleeve

Every guy starts out masturbating with their own hand, and many guys still do. If you haven’t discovered how really great masturbating with a sex toy is, you’re in for a real treat. Try slipping your penis into a lubed up masturbation sleeve before your self-love session and see what a difference it makes! You can get all kinds of sleeves to satisfy whatever desires you have, whether you’re into lots of texture or something really nice and tight. Masturbation will never be the same again!

Recommendation: Climax Gems Crystal Hand Job Stroker. It’s a great way to start using a masturbation sleeve if you’ve never used one before, especially since some of the more “anatomically correct” strokers can seem a little intimidating at first. This one is extra ribbed for pleasure too!

A Slender Vibrator

Women that have never used a vibrator inside before will definitely want to try something small and slender at first. A slender vibrator doesn’t hurt going in when used with lube – even for many virgins – and the torpedo design will reach the g-spot in no time. This is a great product to start out with when you’re just beginning to use sex toys during penetration.

Recommendation: 5″ Grrl Toyz Waterproof Slimstick. This is a great vibrator for women who are interested in trying insertion during masturbation or couples play but don’t want to start with a giant dildo. It’s slim design is great for even very small women or virgins.

A Clitoris Vibrator

Most girls start out rubbing their clitoris with their fingers or palms when they first start to masturbate. This is because the clitoris is packed with over 8,000 sensitive nerve endings and is responsible for most women’s orgasms. Many women prefer to masturbate with a clitoris vibrator, even if they’ve had sex before or masturbated with a vibrator or dildo designed for insertion. Using a vibrator on the clitoris can induce very intense, very powerful orgasms!

Recommendation: Ophoria Finger Vibe – 3″. Every girl needs to start out with a clitoris vibrator, especially if she’s a virgin. Women can reach orgasm most often through clitoral stimulation, so this can even be a great toy to use with a partner as well. It fits easily on the finger and also comes in a variety of fun, bright colors.

A Traveling Vibrator

Once you get into using sex toys, you’re going to want to take them wherever you go. Especially for those long business trips away from your partner where you know you’ll be “flying solo” so to speak! But if you’re flying, or even driving for that matter, you don’t necessarily want to take your most conspicuous vibrator in case your luggage gets checked. A travel safe vibrator is a must have for women on the go.

Recommendation: Grrl Toyz Lipstick Vibe. It looks exactly like lipstick. Enough said.

Toy Cleaner

Even if you’ve never used sex toys before, it’s not difficult to guess that they can get pretty nasty if you don’t clean them thoroughly before and after each use. While you can use soap and water to clean most sex toys, getting a good anti-bacterial toy cleaner is a must to keep your sex toys looking and feeling like new each time you use them. Often, it’s a lot easier to use a special toy cleaner than it is to bust out the soap and hot water.

Recommendation: System Jo Toy Cleaner. Priced right, all you have to do with this easy to use toy cleaner is spray it on and wipe it off. It’s a quick way to keep your sex toys lasting longer.

A Cock Ring

Just like with masturbation sleeves, most guys don’t think about using cock rings – or any sex toys, really – during masturbation. Since they can simply use their hands (and there’s rarely any evidence laying around if all you’re using is a hand), most guys don’t think about how much better a masturbation session can be by using and experimenting with different products designed for sexual enhancement. Next time you masturbate, try slipping on a cock ring to keep your erection rock hard and lasting long. You’ll be surprised at how good everything feels with a cock ring on!

Recommendation: M2M Nitrile 1.75″ Cock Rings (Pack Of 5). You definitely don’t want to use a metal cock ring, and these soft rings are made from nitrile, which is compatible with all kinds of lube, including silicone and oil based!

A Butt Plug

If you’re starting to get into anal sex or even just a little anal play, a beginner’s butt plug is a must have. Whether you’re enjoying anal stimulation during sex or during masturbation, a small butt plug can give you just enough stimulation without being painful to make your sexual escapades feel radically different – and amazing! Make sure you use any anal toy with lube and never insert anything into your anus that isn’t designed to go there, because it could get lost!

Recommendation: Basix Rubber Works Mini Butt Plug. Comes in four colors and is super small for beginner’s use. You definitely want to use water based lube with this one though.

A Bullet Massager

Often, a bullet massager is a woman’s first vibrating sex toy. Even if it’s not, a bullet vibrator is something you definitely want to have on hand. It too is a great vibrator to take with you on trips! A bullet vibrator is also the kind you want to use with a lot of couples’ sex toys, such as cock rings with a place for a bullet vibe to go on top. Sometimes, a simple bullet vibrator is all you need to get and stay satisfied.

Recommendation: Power Bullet Vibrating Massager – 3 Speeds. Small, discreet and easy to use. Tiny enough to take with you anywhere but it’s vibrations are powerful for how small this toy really is!

A Blindfold

A blindfold is a great way to get your feet wet with BDSM if you’re just starting to get interested in it but don’t want to go too far with the whips and chains at first. A blindfold adds such an incredible element of mystery and most of them are incredibly inexpensive. You can use a silk tie or other things from around the house to create a blindfold, but buying one isn’t very expensive and are much more comfortable to wear – especially for longer periods of time.

Recommendation: Fetish Fantasy Series Satin Love Mask. It’s just your basic love mask, but if you’ve never tried BDSM before, a blindfold is where you want to start. You can’t imagine how sexy things can get once you take away the sense of sight!

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