10 Sex Toys For Married Couples


Sex toys aren’t just for singles who are flying solo – they can make sex with your spouse ten times hotter. Sex toys can be especially helpful after the fire has died in your sex life, which is common after couples have been married for awhile – no matter how much they love each other. Here are ten picks for those who have said “I do.”

Adam & Eve Couples Enhancer Ring

A cock ring and a clitoris vibrator in one, this enhancer ring will give you and your partner both heightened sensations. It’s made of soft silicone rather than a hard material that could get stuck on the penis and also includes an outer ring that can be slipped behind his scrotum for a tighter feel.

Hustler Bang Bang Bullet Vibrator

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This pretty pink vibrator has a cordless remote control that can be controlled by a woman’s husband. The motor is quiet enough that you and your spouse can use it in public, making sex even more fun and exciting. She’ll love never knowing what is going to come next and when she’s going to have an orgasm!

Super Head Honcho Masturbator

Women are much more likely to enjoy giving their husbands a handjob every now and then if they have a little help. It’s easy for her hands to get tired, but when using a masturbation sleeve with a generous amount of lube, he’ll orgasm quicker and her hands won’t cramp up as easily. It’s a win-win!

Oral Delight Couples Kit

Make oral sex more fun for him and her with a kit full of flavored lubes and toys. She’ll get a flavored lube to use on him and he’ll get one to use on her, and they’ll both get an easy to use vibrator with a pink silicone “tongue” sleeve. This is a great option for husbands who don’t always enjoy giving their wives oral sex.

Swiss Navy 2-in-1 Enhancement Gel For Couples

When both a husband and wife need a little extra sensitivity, this his-n’-hers arousal gel does the trick. Both gels are stored in one convenient bottle with separate containers, making it easier to use and keep discreet. This is a great option for men and women who would rather use natural herbal compounds than pharmaceutical substances, because the base of the gels are comprised of herbal extracts.

Sexy Slave Kit

Since married sex can sometimes get boring, bondage can be the next step that couples take when spicing up their sex lives. The Sexy Slave Kit is a simple kit with easy to use items that make introducing BDSM and bondage in the bedroom a lot more fun. Restrain your partner with sexy handcuffs and tickle them with a feather tickler. Make sure to use the blindfold so they don’t see what you’re doing!

X-Large Ben Wa Balls

For wives who feel like they have lost the muscle tone in their vagina (especially after having kids) and want to be tight for their husbands again, Ben Wa Balls give the PC muscles a great workout. The balls move around inside the vagina and the muscles are worked by keeping the balls from slipping out of the vagina. Use with a tightening cream to make him feel like you’re a virgin all over again!

A&E Beginner’s Power Pump

After being married for so many years, a man may begin to experience problems keeping his erection like he could when he was young. Erectile dysfunction is common in older men, but that doesn’t make it any less disappointing when it happens. A penis pump can help a man get and maintain a rock hard erection.

Sexy Stripper’s Kit

A woman can spice up her sex life with her husband by learning how to give a little striptease. The Sexy Stripper’s Kit is a novelty item that includes lots of fun props that can help her feel even more like a stripper. However, some of the items are a little cheesy – skip the play money and slip some real dollar bills in your wife’s g-string. Better yet, make it a few five spots!

Bottom’s Up Finger Rimmers

Many married couples would love to try anal sex (especially after they’ve been doing the same thing over and over again in the bedroom) but aren’t sure how to get started. The Bottom’s Up Finger Rimmer is a teeny tiny little butt plug that is perfect for beginners – whether you’re a guy or a girl. It’s less than 2 inches long and 1 inch wide. Start by using this and work your way up to bigger sizes.

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