10 Titillating Sex Toys Under $10


Sex toys don’t have to be expensive to be fun. Whether you’re by yourself or with a partner, you don’t have to spend an arm and a leg just to get a decent sex toy. Heat it up between you and your lover with these ten great sex toys all under ten bucks!

Purrfect Pets Tickle Me Dolphin

A cock ring and a vibrator all in one, the Purrfect Pets Tickle Me Dolphin is a great couples’ sex toy. The cock ring portion of the product will keep his erection rock hard, while the vibrator will stimulate the woman’s clitoris and help bring her to an incredible orgasm. This is a must-have for couples who struggle with erectile dysfunction or difficulty reaching orgasm. It’s also available in other shapes for more excitement, including a “Buzz Bunny” and a “Buzzy Butterfly.”

Crystal Jellies 6″ Anal Starter

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Lots of couples want to get into anal sex, but they’re not exactly sure where to start. Sex toys built specifically for beginner’s anal play are probably your best bet, and the Crystal Jellies 6″ Anal Starter definitely fits the bill. It’s small and slim, so it’s perfect for guys and girls who are just starting out. At it’s thinnest point, this product is about 1/2″ wide, and at it’s widest, it’s barely 1″. When you’ve never done anal insertion before, smaller is definitely better when you’re just getting into it.

Sugar Lips Nipple Gloss

Guys love breasts, so why not make yours noticeable with a swipe of nipple gloss before sex? It also works on your lips too – and wherever you put Sugar Lips Nipple Gloss, you’re going to feel a tingly, plumping sensation. Not only does it make your lips and nipples look ultra kissable, the taste is super sweet. Try flavors like Lick My Strawberry, Kiss My Cinnabuns, Cock n’ Candy, Whip Me Cream and Pump Me Colada.

Tenga Eggs

For guys on the go, this uniquely designed masturbation sleeve is a huge hit. Packed in an egg like container, the soft silicone masturbation sleeve includes it’s own package of lube to be used with the sleeve. Tenga Eggs come in tons of different styles and textures, such as Twister, Clicker, Stepper, Wavy, Spider and Silky. Each egg feels totally different during masturbation! The downside to this sex toy is that it is disposable – you can only use it one time (really, you should only use it one time) before throwing it away.

Tongue Teaser

While oral sex is always fantastic by itself, you can add some great feeling vibrations to the mix with the Tongue Teaser. The soft jelly toy slips over the tongue and vibrates. This is an especially great toy for men who want to please women who have difficulty reaching orgasm orally. A snug band makes sure this product doesn’t slip off the tongue, no matter how wet and wild things get! It also runs for about forty minutes, so that gives you plenty of time for orgasmic pleasure.

Sterling Sleeves

Sterling Sleeves are soft, stretchy silicone sleeves that fit over the penis and are designed to be used during sex. They can help make your penis just a little bit longer, and usually the textured outsides stimulate a woman’s g-spot in just the right way. If you’ve been trying unsuccessfully to have (or give) a g-spot orgasm, try slipping on a Sterling Sleeve. The extra sensations may be exactly what she needs to push her over the edge.

Frisky Fingers Clitoris Vibrator

Every girl needs a small, discreet and easy to use finger vibrator that fits nicely over the clitoris. Sometimes, a girl just wants to get the job done and a Frisky Fingers Clitoris Vibrator will do just that. It slides over the finger and the soft silicone nubs feel amazing in conjunction with the vibrations. It’s quiet, so you can even throw it in your purse and take it anywhere!

Astroglide Strawberry Lubricant

Whether you’re having sex au natural or using sex toys, lube is definitely a must have. But why should lube – especially when used with a condom – smell and taste like rubber, plastic and chemicals? Astroglide Strawberry Lubricant combines Astroglide’s popular lube formula with a great strawberry flavor, so you can smell and taste great during sex.

Fetish Fantasy Series Beginner’s Furry Cuffs

If you’ve never tried bondage before – or have and loved it – a pair of soft, furry handcuffs are indispensable. Fetish Fantasy Series Beginner’s Furry Cuffs are strong yet soft, so you can have fun locking your partner up and having your way with them! They do have a quick release mechanism that you can use if things get too intense or if you or your partner lose the key. Comes in black or white.

Sportsheets Rubber O-Rings

If you want an inexpensive pack of basic rubber cock rings in different sizes, Sportsheets Rubber O-Rings are exactly what you’re looking for. No frills, just plain black rubber in a variety of different sizes to accommodate both a large and small penis size. You can also use them with harnesses that have straps – just don’t forget to use lube so you can slide the O-Ring off easily when you’re finished.

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