3 Sex Toys That Will Bring You And Your Partner Closer


Sex toys can work wonders for couples. They can not only give you an orgasmic experience that feels like it has been pumped up with steroids, but also, it can bring you and your partner closer. Introducing something new in the bedroom, no matter what it may be, involves a lot of trust and communication. It may seem overwhelming or distracting at first but the more you try it and get into it, the more you will want to do it again and again.


A vibrator can come in all shapes, sizes, designs and uses so the possibilities when it comes to this particular toy are endless. Not only can you use them separately on each other, but vibrators also come in the form of a ring that your man can wear around his penis and give you clitoral or even anal stimulation. Sometimes, women need both clitoral and vaginal stimulation or sometimes, all three. It is tough for men to be able to multitask in that way so they need a little help.

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Finding one of these toys that you can both use during sex will certainly make it way more pleasurable for both of you. It also gives him a light vibrating sensation throughout his entire pelvic region, making him feel something amazing too. Get your man to use a vibrator on you to explore the depths of your sexual potential or use one together.

You will be surprised how quickly you are able to climax with a little assistance. Also, try locating a waterproof vibrator if you want to get a little wet and wild. Then, not only can you give your orgasm potential a boost, but you can explore it in more places than just the bedroom.


Now, don’t get scared. Bondage doesn’t necessarily have to mean extreme fetish things that you more commonly see in the porn world. There are varying degrees of how far you and your man can take bondage in the bedroom. For example, you can participate in light bondage such as tying each other up or down, gagging, or blindfolding.

All you are trying to do is to take away one of your partner’s senses and force them to focus on the others. It will heighten all of their other senses and make the entire sexual experience that much more amazing. Practice light bondage first and pick up your pair of sexy handcuffs today.

Strap On

Now, using a strap-on with your man might be something that is completely out of the picture but if he is willing, then it can be something that the two of you can find so much pleasure out of, you wouldn’t ever know that this kind of an orgasm could exist. A strap-on consists of a harness with a dildo attached to the front of it. Used primarily by lesbian couples, more and more heterosexual couples are finding a great use out of it.

Anal sex is not only enjoyed by women, but it becoming more popular among men, particularly heterosexual men. As a woman, we don’t have that power of being the giver, so to garner that power is definitely an orgasm booster. Anal sex can be really pleasurable for men because it can give the man a prostate massage, which is consider the g-spot in men. Pair your harness with a bullet vibrator so you feel some clitoral stimulation while you are giving your man intense pleasure and you both will be shuddering with desire for hours afterwards.

Use these sex toys as a guideline for how far you want to go in the bedroom. There are no limits to what you and your man do. If you chose to go down the softer route, then do what makes you both happy and satisfied. If you chose to go down the harder route, be prepared to be speechless.

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